Something in the sky

I was just walking back from work when something in the sky caught my eye, it was very bright, with kind of a pinkish hue. Nobody seemed to notice it but me. After a few seconds the light just faded away. I just continued walking. I felt like everybody was looking at me. Girls, men, everybody, I just continued walking, but it felt really weird to have all eyes fixated on me.

As I finally reached my appartment building, a man openned the door for me. I got into the elevator, and pressed 22. A man, in his twenties was in the lift with me, he looked nervous, like he had just seen a ghost or something. “This day just keeps getting weirder and weirder” I thought. As I walked to my appartment, I tried reaching for my keys. But it wasn’t until that moment that I realized I was completely naked, and worst of all, I was a woman. I knocked at the door, waiting for my brother to open. “Who are you lady?” he asked while looking through the peephole. “I am no lady! I am your sis… I mean brother!” I yelled at him “something happened on my way over… please open!”. I heard him unlocking the door. “Come on in” he said. I couldn’t believe he just let me in, if I were him, I would have had a hard time believing a naked stranger, even if it was a naked woman.

He handed me some clothes. “where did you get this?” I asked him, surprised he had some women’s clothes just lying around. “They were Kat’s” he said. I guess she must have left those clothes after they broke up. “I am afraid of who I might see, but I must look at me in the mirror” I said while walking to the bathroom. On my way, I saw a book of spells lying in the coffee table. I didn’t give it much thought, James, my brother was always reading weird books. I took a good look at my new self. Blonde hair, big breasts, slim body, round ass, “wait a minute” I said, “I look like Kat!”. I walked back to the living room, ready to confront James. But he was reading from the old and dusty spell book. I just paused, caught my breath, and started yelling at him like crazy “I can’t believe you broke up with me! I mean, look at this body, plus I have smarts and all. I was the perfect girlfriend. Oh my gawd, I feel so hot… you either have sex with me right now, and ask me back, or you might as well forget about me!” I knew why he broke up with me, it was all the nagging, but he was perfect in bed. I just wanted him, right now.


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