Bimbo Apocalypse – Chapter 7: Infecting

November 21, 2015
Lara felt the man’s penis in her. It was good. But it wouldn’t hold long. She already felt him becoming a woman. The new woman stood in front of Lara. Lara punched her in the boob and the bimbo stumbled in the rear part of the room so that Lara could lock the room from the outside. Then she tried to open every door in the building with the former man’s key until she found his apartment. She opened the door and looted the kitchen. A few hours later she heard someone approaching the apartment. “Honey I’m home.” A female voice said. Lara shut down the light and waited until the female entered the kitchen. Then she focused all the power in her hands and smashed the woman’s head. She fell unconscious on the floor. “She’ll wake up… Let’s reunite her…” Lara dragged the woman into the basement and locked her into the same room where her boyfriend/husband was located who was currently rubbing his clit. Then she went back to the former man’s apartment and waited for Travis to return home.

November 22, 2015
She saw that Travis returned through the door viewer. A few hours later she left the apartment, hid the key under the doormat and went to the third floor to visit Travis. When he opened the door she said “Blowjob. Now.” She pushed Travis in his apartment and began to suck his penis.


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