Sneaking Pics

“Please…” I said, trying to ignore the giant mounds on my chest. “Turn me back!”

“Nuh uh!” Said my sister, holding a camera. “You’re my little slut now whether you like it or not. God, who knew my brother was such a pervert. Trying to sneak pictures of me to sell to your friends. Disgusting!”

I squirmed in my new, foreign body. I felt the jewelry jingle and my breasts jiggle. Everything felt so huge now compared to my small frame.

“Sis, please!” I begged, but she held her hand up to my face.

“No! You are a sexy little bitch now. Look at you, Jeremy.” She paused for a second. “Actually, Janine fits you so much better now. Just look at you. The sexy pink hair, the luscious full and red lips. You have such a kissable face now, little sister!” She walked up to me and grabbed my new nipples. “Just look at these bikini stuffers you have! So big and perky, men would love to be able to play with these.” I squirmed as she twisted my nipples, they were so sensitive!

“Oh…” I moaned as she played with my nipples. “Pleeease stop…” I said, panting with pleasure.

“No. You are my model now.” She let go and stepped back. She started taking pictures of my new body. “You’re going to stay like this for awhile, Janine. You’re friends are going to love those supple breasts, and as long as they do, you will never change back!”


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