Stuck in sis

When Darren (14) used the possession spell on his busty sister and ended up stuck in her body he thought his life was over. Well his old one was. His body had simply disappeared off the face of the earth and a huge investigation ensued. Meanwhile Darren was learning the benefits of now being his sister. Of course he had her huge boobs atop his chest which he loved to play with day and night. But he also noticed how easily he could live. He simply quit his sisters job as a receptionist and applied for the state benefit. That along with all of the money he was receiving because of his “brothers” death was enough so that he didn’t have to do a thing to earn a living. He spent his days masturbating or playing Xbox with some friends he’d met online. His parents were beginning to wonder what happened to their aspiring daughter slobbing around all day but they simply put it down to the loss of her brother. Little did they know that Darren was alive and quite well indeed.


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