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Is that your… brother? 2

“Oh, hey guys!” Kyle said nervously to his sister Amanda and her friend Steph. “What are you guys doing here right now? I thought you were at Steph’s house.” Read more

Is that your… brother?

“So that’s your brother?” Amanda asked Steph. They were sitting on the couch while a bikini clad woman was erotically dancing in front of them. She would sway her hips back and forth, shake her head and swing her hair. Every once in awhile she would play with her huge breasts, giving them a squeeze and moving them up and down. Read more

Floatation Devices

I waited in the shallow end of the pool, too scared to go in the deep end. Me, a 21 year old guy who can’t swim. How embarrassing. I was doing a pretty good job of going un noticed when a woman noticed me standing in the shallow end. Read more

Upload 7

It’s been a month since my sister increased the curse, so just about two months since I was forced to become this hot bombshell. For the past 30 days all I could wear were these sexy little clubbing dresses, even as I went out to do errands. It felt like I never left the club with all the stares and unwanted attention these breasts brought to me. I tried to be what my sister described as a ‘good girl’ for the last month, and apparently it worked. She downgraded the curse on the clothes, but not completely. I still can’t wear normal t-shirts and such, but at least they aren’t sexy little dresses. However, I still dread the fact that any clothes I have change into something sexy and girly each day. Read more

Upload 4

My sister and I were at the club. I was having a terrible time. My sister changed my outfit from a leopord print dress to a tight black one with a gold chest, making my breasts appear more noticeable. Men kept hitting at me and groping my ass, the entire situation was super uncomfortable. One time a man pretended to trip and grabbed each of my breasts. It sent a shiver down my spine when he grabbed my breasts, but it was still super uncomfortable. My sister told me she was going to grab some drinks from the bar. I asked if I could go with her, but told me to go sit down in an empty booth. I did what I was told. After about five minutes, she came back with two drinks. Her’s looked like a normal cocktail, but the one she gave me was a strange pink color. Read more

Upload 10

I know I’m supposed to be a guy, but I just don’t care! I know I’m supposed to be mad at my sister and mom, but I’m just not! Whatever my sister did to me before my last photo shoot she hasn’t undone yet, and it’s been almost an entire week. I’m well aware of my previous life but I’m just not mad or upset because of my sisters magic. Right now I love being a woman. I love the attention my body gets, especially my breasts. When I catch men or even women looking at my exposed cleavage it gives me chills. I was sitting in my room when my mom came in. I was just reading a magazine because since the incident I just had no interest in video games. Read more

Upload 8

Because the outfits I can wear are that much more skimpy and revealing, posting pictures online has become way more embarrassing. Sometimes, all of my breasts are covered and that’s kind of okay, but also there are other times when you can see almost everything. It feels so embarrassing to have to do this. It’s been a week since my last photo shoot with mom, and luckily I haven’t had to leave the house recently to do anything. Sadly, my mom just called me and that’s never good. Read more

Model For My Girlfriend

I love my girlfriend and I would be willing to do anything for her, or so I thought. She was a photographer who just got an interview with a modeling agency. However, she was told that in her portfolio, she needed some lingerie shots, which she has never done before. She planned to get some done using one of her friends, but at the last minute she canceled. That’s where I come in. Read more


I was out shopping for my mom when I needed to grab some food for her. I went to the produce isle of the local super market and checked her list. I couldn’t read one of the items she wrote so I had to give her a call. I dialed her number and she quickly picked up. Read more

Upload 2

It’s been a seven days since my sister turned me into a sexy girl. Besides the very obvious and already large breasts, what makes things worse is that my mom is totally okay with it. She thought it was great that she now had two daughters instead of a daughter and a son. She calls me Charlotte like my sister does and knows it bothers me. I was just about to upload another photo to Facebook when my mom stopped me. Read more