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The curse of 2nd street

“They say she just appears walking around in the middle of the street, exactly at 3 am” Tom told Andrew about the asian ghost of 2nd street. But Andrew being the skeptic he is, didn’t believe his friend. “I will prove you wrong” Andrew said. Read more

Beach Ghost

“Oh mama! Look at that little lithe thing over there! Hubba hubba! That is one girl I need to have to have used at least once!” Read more

Six down

Cassie fluffed her hair in the mirror, tonight was the first night she was going out after catching her boyfriend cheating on her with the girl in number five and she wanted to look good. Cassie still couldn’t believe he cheated on her with that bitch, they lived in the same university halls, they shared a wall, she want to pull that that bitch’s ginger hair out but she didn’t. Instead she been feeling sorry for her self for the pass two weeks but no more, she was going to party with her classmates and forget all about her ex and that whore of a flatmate. Cassie wished Layla was still here, they’d live in the same hall for less than a month but Cassie had felt that they had a connection but then she’d gone really weird. Layla stopped going to class, she personality changed she drank, smoked weed and had sex with anyone willing, the finally straw was when Layla got Cassie really drunk and tried to use a strap-on on her. After Cassie slapped her away, Layla said something really scary “It doesn’t matter, I’ll have you wearing this soon enough”, the next day Layla left university without apologising, she didn’t even take her stuff. Read more

Moving In!

The large ornate wooden door swung open with a creak and a thud, welcoming the new owner of Sutterley Manor.
“God damn! this place is MASSIVE!” Mark the new owner voice echoed around the dim atrium. A new and extremely cheap listing on the market, anyone would have been out of their mind not to check out such a steal. As he walked around admiring the antiques and paintings all in their original untouched positions on walls, tables and standing against the walls. Mark rubbed his chin, still in awe at how remarkable his luck was. He could spend hours exploring his new home with all its wings, intricacies, and nooks and crannys however the large oak grandfather clock donged, letting the occupant know that it was midnight and time for bed. “Well…I guess I can check out everything else tomorrow. Just a shame I didn’t leave earlier though, took me hours to get here.” Mark thought, going to fetch his bag and wheel it up into the master bedroom. Read more

The ghost

I was at the beach. When I heard someone crying. I looked around, but no one was paying attention to all the crying. I decided to follow the sound, maybe I could help. It appeared as if someone was yelling “Mommy! mommy!” I started walking faster. The sound was coming from the hotel next to the one I was staying. I jumped the fence, worried about all the crying. I entered a room. I could still hear the crying, but there was no one inside. “Sir, sir!”. I looked around, still no one. I got goosebumps. “Sir, would you help me find my mommy” the voice said. “Yes, of course, let me get someone to…” I didn’t even finish that sentence when I felt dizzy, I lost my balance and passed out. Read more

From the Worst to the Best Event

“What’s the matter, Kyle? Are you afraid of getting beat by a girl at basketball again?” Jennifer said to me in a taunting voice. Jennifer wasn’t actually Jennifer at the moment though; her body is actually being possessed by my friend Brad. Read more