Sordid lies.

Tim looked up with tear stained eyes at his old male face after giving his former body a blowjob hoping he had done enough to satisfy Miranda and that she might see fit to give him back his body and life.

But he was disappointed when Miranda told him that a handful of blowjob’s was not enough to undo the damage he had done to her.

Tim truly regretted badmouthing her around the office telling people that she was a massive slut just because he believed he deserved the promotion more than she did.

But he knew the company would give it to her just because she had more experience and was better qualified than him.

But Tim had no idea that his lies would come back to bite him when Miranda found out what he was telling people about her which intern caused the company to give him the promotion as they could not have somebody with her reputation running things.

She did not like using the set of reversal rings she got off the dark web to swap bodies with him but it was the only way to punish him.

So she was now the man whilst Tim was trapped in her body not just having to put up with being a woman but having to put up with all the people staring at him and talking about him behind him back.

But Miranda was not done there she was going to make him live out every sordid lie he had put a round about her being a sex crazed slut which meant Tim was going to spend a lot of time on his knees getting familiar with his old member.

But that was just for starters she was going to humiliate him so much and degrade him to the point that he would be unable to get a job anywhere again as she had no intention of ever giving him his body back after what she was going to put him through turning him into the sex crazed slut he told people she was.


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