Side effects

James was a great scientist and thanks to his intelligence he was able to build a machine capable of altering human’s body and change it however he desired. Of course as his first test subject he used himself. He calibrated the machine and got into the pod. The machine started to work, morphing his body just as he designed. Ten minutes later James stepped out of the pod. “Succes” He screamed out loud, seeing as the machine turned his middle aged body into that of a 19 years old girl.

James couldn’t get enough of his look. He was gorgeous. Thinking about changing back right now was upseting him so he decided to spend some time in this form and study how it will affect his life. The effects of his transformation were alarming. After two weeks James realized his intelligence is decresing and his mind is focused on other stuff. He started to call himself Jenny. He was skipping work and neglect his research. Soon things that had been quite easy for him were now getting nearly impossible. He couldn’t even calibrate the machine to change him back. James realized that at this point there is no way to get his old life back. Not that he cared about it. He packed his things and left his old work and life behind. Now it was time to start a new life as Jenny.


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