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Side effects

James was a great scientist and thanks to his intelligence he was able to build a machine capable of altering human’s body and change it however he desired. Of course as his first test subject he used himself. He calibrated the machine and got into the pod. The machine started to work, morphing his body just as he designed. Ten minutes later James stepped out of the pod. “Succes” He screamed out loud, seeing as the machine turned his middle aged body into that of a 19 years old girl. Read more

Learning again

Recently, the Blue Orb swap happened in my hometown. I used to be a young teacher , just starting my professional life.
The swaps could have been a lot worse, surely, but I am still mad. At first, I swapped bodies with one of my young student. I went from being a 28 year-old woman to a 16 year-old boy.
Then, I realised that it wasn’t only my body, but my education as well! That boy became me, and could still hope to stay a teacher like I was. I, on the other hand, had no choice but to go to school once more… Read more

Doesn’t matter

Sure, I used to be a smart scientist, but now that I’m my assistant’s daughter, at least I’m young again, and sexy.
It took some getting used to, having to take classes I used to teach, dating boys, be passionate about girls stuff like clothes and make up…
I even talk like a teenage girl now! My wife didn’t understand what I’m going through.
Doesn’t matter anymore…

True Bimbo

Paul, slipping into middle age, was constantly frustrated by his bimbo daughter Daisy. How could someone be so silly, so spoilt, so ignorant? Daisy insisted that tried, but things were hard for her, and that she couldn’t stop thinking about boys. Read more

Teenage girl

This was my last day as a student. Soon I’d be a working man. I was about to move in with my girlfriend as well. My life couldn’t get better. But it was about to go worse. Read more


“- Wait… There’s something wrong.
I can’t place it but I know that all this… is not right.
I mean, I’m not complaining, it’s great being pounded by John but… Wait a second. John. This name rings a bell, I’m not sure why.” Read more


I have not felt this small since freshman year of high school. That’s the one of the strangest thing to me, everything seems bigger: tables, cars, people. Before the Great Shift I was tall, very tall, the last time I checked my height I stood at 7′ 3″, I dominated the court. Back then everything in the world felt like it was built for midgets, now it feels like everything is built for giants. I dunked with hardly an effort but now I can’t even touch the very bottom of the net. On the day of the great shift I swapped into the body of a woman named Roslin, but everyone around me called my ‘Rosy’. ‘Rosy’ is, I am, 5′ 0″ 115 pounds with DDs and aged 18 (I used to be 30).
The physical changes have been shocking, men catcall me, employers dismiss me and women who I normally would have hit on are now intimidating. The bigger change has been Rosy’s intelligence, or lack there of. I was never a genius in my old life but I had graduated college and held my own but Rosy seems to be on the shallow end of the gene pool for brains. I find every day tasks impossible to perform and I often struggle until some man comes and helps me. He’ll come up to me at the counter in a bank and help me deposit a check, he’ll also grab my butt and call me ‘baby’. It’s degrading, or at least it was. More and more recently I find myself yearning for them, I used to cringe when some guy would slap my ass but now I can hardly resist the urge to go rub one out.
These urges have started to change everything about me, I dress like a girl, I got my hair dyed, I have even stopped resisting the urge to speak and behave like a bimbo. ‘Like’ is now my most common word and anything beyond two or three syllables is impossible for me to pronounce. The scariest thing happened three weeks ago. I was sitting at a stop light when I turned my head and saw a man sitting in the car in the next lane. He looked a lot like I used to; tall, dark, muscular. We made eye contact and instead of looking away quickly as I would normally do I rolled down my window.
“Hey boy” I greeted him and smiled
“Hey Baby, I like your car”
“Thanks -giggle- I like your ca-COCK” I wanted to die but instead i began twirling my hair
We ended up going to his place and he fucked my brains out, I think literally
Ever since then I’ve been helpless when I see guys, I think I’ve sucked two dozen dicks in the last ten days. I spend every waking moment thinking about cock, doing make up and flirting. I probably would have lost my job except I practically spend the entire time under my boss’ desk. A few days ago he put a collar around my neck and leashed me to the desk, naked, my whole office could see me through the windows. I should have been humiliated, instead I was the wettest I’ve ever been.
Currently I’m sitting outside my apartment building waiting for a ride, I don’t have one planned but I don’t really have trouble finding a nice man to give me a ride these days.


She used to be the most popular girl in school.
Of course, she was smart, pretty, funny… But she could almost be mean. She kept refusing to help you out with your homework. She kept making fun of you in your back.
That made you made, didn’t it? Read more