Staying Informed

“That’ll be 5.50 please.”

Sophie smiled flirtily at the newsstand vendor and passed over the necessary cash. “Thank youu!” she called. Scooping up the newspaper, she strolled away—slightly noticing the way her ass moved in the tight skirt, or the way the man’s eyes follow her up the sidewalk. It was kinda funny. Ever since that girl had blasted her with the spell things had been a lot more…..fuzzy.

At first, she’d mostly dressed the same way she had as a guy. But as time went on, she’d felt her feelings….change. In more ways than one. At first, Sophie had tried to fight it, but it was a losing battle. Loose sweatpants became tight ass hugging skinny jeans became skirts like the one she had on today; she picked up a cute purple purse; got her favorite earrings…..

One thing was for sure— being a girl now was no excuse to be uninformed.


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