Sex in the City

Harvey had one wish and one wish only from the ancient talisman he found on his latest adventure South America. He recited the language, and the talisman glowed, and now it was his turn to wish. He didn’t wish for riches, but he did wish for a lacking area of his life. He was a lonely guy in fact.

“I wish for a very full sex life,” said Harvey, his perverted side coming to the surface along with the intrigue and excitement coursing through his burly hairy body.

The talisman flashed, and suddenly Harvey was someplace else. He felt a strange pleasurable pressure inside of him, between his legs, as those legs felt very different. He felt the weight on his chest, and the tickle of bangs on his forehead and the tug of a really long ponytail behind him, as his long fingernails brushed his left tit. Once he realized what was going on his mouth opened in shock, he was a woman having sex with a man, and this man was absolutely tremendously huge. His body was so smooth, soft, and hair free, and kind of sweaty too, because he was in the heat of passion with this guy.

Then it occurred to him during the waves of female pleasure what happened with the wish. He wished for a full sex life, and he was certainly being filled, but as the guy pumped and pumped and said he would have to get going soon after and leave the $500 on the table, he knew what kind of full sex life he was into, he was a woman, and a prostitute. From the looks of the man, he was well groomed, and to Harvey’s shock he even looked handsome now. Harvey was in pleasure and horrified at the same time, realizing this was it, this was that wish, he was stuck as a woman, and a prostitute! He looked outside while being rammed, and seen a city skyline through the thin curtains, he was in a city.

Later she would find that the city was her workplace now, and she was now Hannah Rodman, the most popular and highest paid hooker in the city. He was a she and she had to adjust to being a sexy babe and having sex in the city.


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