I never thought it possible, but for the last week I’ve been living as a buxom redhead bombshell named Susan, all because of a pair of spiteful secretaries.

My coworker Martin and I admittedly had a history of making our secretaries,Kelly(mine) and Jess(Martin’s), work hard. Of course, we only made them work hard because WE worked hard, and if sometimes that meant we needed them to make us a drink to relieve some stress, well that’s part of the job. And if sometimes those drinks made us a little looser than we should be with our hands on them, well, they should feel flattered! Evidently, our secretaries didn’t agree. One day they approached us and they were very unhappy. They told us that this wasn’t the 60s and they deserved more respect. Of course Martin and I were a few drinks in and we both couldn’t help but laugh. I told them “Maybe it should be the 60s, then you’d get it!”

I should have never have made that comment. Big mistake.

Not long after, our secretaries approached us both in my office and locked the door behind them. They both had devious smiles as they each held up up some sort of strange rock. The rocks started to glow and all of the sudden I felt my whole body drastically shift. Parts of me swelled , like my chest and my ass, while other parts, like my waist, cinched in. We both screamed and quickly found our voices rising several octaves until our screams became high pitched shrieks.

As the feeling of the magic -or whatever it was- subsided, I found myself wearing a green dress, wrapped tightly around my curvier body. It wasn’t just the dress- stockings heels, long nails- I could even feel a bra, a garter belt and a thong. I looked at Martin who’d becoming a mousish brunette and we exchanged a look of shock, confusion and horror. Meanwhile our secretaries were now both tall men in nice suits, suits like we once wore.

Looking around, the room looked different too. The carpeting was grey tan instead of the usual dark blue, the office was completely redecorated… everything looked so… retro. Even Martin’s hairstyle and dress looked like something from an old LIFE Magazine!

“What the hell’s going on?” I demanded in a light lispy voice, feeling my curves out of panic.

“Hey, you boys-well, girls now I guess- said it should be the 60s. Well we agree. Now you can see what you want it to be like for us. HA!” The tall man who was once Kelly said as she laughed at us squirm in our unfamiliar bodies.
“Now why don’t you broads make yourself useful and fix us a drink?” The former Jess said as she slapped my ass causing me to squeal.

“This is unacceptable!” Martin said, trying to sound assertive but totally failing due to his new stature and voice. “Change things back to normal or we’ll fire you!
“You can’t scare us.” I said defiantly, crossing my arms over my breasts. The two former secretaries shared a look and smiled. Kelly took one of the stones from her suit pocket and pointed it at Martin. The stone glowed and Martin’s stance almost immediately changed. Suddenly he couldn’t seem to hold eye contact with either of the men. It was as if he was… afraid of them.

“Now how about that drink, darling?” Kelly said to Martin.
“Yes sir.” Martin said meekly back as he turned on his heel toward the bar. I couldn’t tell what they did to him but I had to try to snap him out of it.

“Martin, get ahold of yourself!” I said, grabbing the small girl who used to be a man by the arms and shaking her. Martin looked in my eyes and I could tell he was truly afraid of them.

“Now!” Kelly demanded, raising her voice slightly. Martin jumped and shook herself loose of my grip, stepping quickly toward the bar. He tripped a little in his heels on his way but recovered well enough to immediately start making a drink. I turned to look at the new men and furrowed my brow in anger, clenching my fists.

“What did you do you bitches!” I yelled at them, trying to sound intimidating but utterly failing with my new voice.

“That’s enough.” Jess said to me, once again holding out the glowing stone. I feared what would happen to me after seeing Martin, but a moment later I realized that if nothing else, my changes would be physical. My body felt the way it did when they turned me into a woman. I looked down in horror to see and feel my chest balloon forward, giving me a far larger bust than I had. I found myself arching my back in an effort to stay balanced, and when I did I felt my butt and hips expand likewise. My clothes expanded to fit my flesh and changed in their own right. My neckline plunged revealing an impressive cleavage and the hemline of my dress rose to just above my knees and tightened to confine my hips, also donning colorful floral pattern. I saw my reflection in the office window and saw that they’d turned me into the most voluptuous woman I’d ever seen! I could also see my face- delicate nose, perfect pale skin and full red lips-

“Alright LADIES, let me be perfectly clear-” Jess began with a deep, commanding bark. Martin turned around immediately and began to visibly tremble. I struggled to remain upright with my new purportions and remained silent, but unlike Martin, by choice. “You are now Susan and Mary” She said, pointing to me then Martin,”It’s 1966, you work for us. You’re single and live alone, but that can change whenever we want.” She said, holding up her stone for emphasis. “You must do whatever we want, and if you don’t we’ll use these stones, and the results will be much worse than a little fear or a sex goddess body.”

“You’ll call me Mr.Ross and him Mr. Davis.” Kelly said, taking over. “We have total power over you, remember that. Maybe, if you’re good girls, this will all be over soon and you’ll have learned an important lesson, but maybe you’ll be stuck in this time with these bodies forever. That depends on how happy you make us. Now, our company does much the same thing as it did in our time, so you already know most of your official duties, but still, everything you need to know about your new lives is in a folder on your desks. I suggest you brush up on them.”

Jess, now Mr. Davis, opened the office door. Martin bowed his head and scurried over to Mr. Ross to give him his drink, still unable to make eye contact or anything of the like. I stood dumbfounded, scared for what these monsters could do to us. Martin gave me a look as he passed me that said “Come on.” and I turned around behind her, swaying my hips as we walked out the door.

“Oh one more this, SUSAN.” Mr. Davis said, stopping me in the doorway. “Would you make me a drink? Vodka gimble.”
I looked at him with his confident smile and briefly back at Martin, who still looked as nervous as can be. Out of self preservation and common sense I squeaked back, “Of course, sir.” and forced a weak smile. I stepped over to the bar, hearing my heels click and my hips sway widely, still not used to my gait, and proceeded to make him a drink. As I handed it to him he thanked me and took it, squeezing my big ass and winking at me. He pushed me by my butt out the door and shut it behind me.

Martin and I looked around at the office- typewriters on every dress, all manned by women, men in suits walking around with drinks and greased hair, people smoking- We really were men- or women out time. The realization fell upon us that we were stuck in this torturous situation, in these feminine bodies, rolls and lives, under the control of people who hate us. I stared into space as I contemplated what would come next and Martin looked at me with a mix of fear and anger. I should have never made that comment.


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