Generosity’s Bounty

Nobody’s perfect, but I thought I was a good guy. When I inherited some of my late uncle’s antiques, I got them ready to be auctioned and planned to give a good chunk to charity. And when one of them turned out to hold a djinn who offered the standard three wishes I figured I could use one to free him from having to serve people. So what did it matter if I used some of those wishes for myself?

I didn’t just want to be healthy and good looking, so I told the djinn I wanted to be forever attractive and healthy.

I didn’t want to get swept up in the workaday world now that I saw there was magic and so I wished to have a life of ease connected to the secret side of reality.

The djinn whistled and asked what I would top those off with, and I told him I wished he could be the master of his own fate and no longer have to answer to humans calling him from his home.

And just like that we were both swept up into the palace beyond this world where he lived when not invoked. And I arrived not as a thirty something guy with a pot belly but as a houri, a beautiful and ageless woman who loves serving.

I do love serving the djinn. I lounge about as lesser magical beings tend to our needs, and I need only attend to my master the djinn’s unquenchable lust.


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