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I never thought it possible, but for the last week I’ve been living as a buxom redhead bombshell named Susan, all because of a pair of spiteful secretaries. Read more

Get Around

Steven sat on the beach with his date Karen enjoying a relaxing summer day. The whole day Steven eyed up Karen, taking every opportunity to ogle her body in her bikini. Eventually Steven got thirsty but didn’t feel like walking to the boardwalk to get a drink, so he told Karen to.
“Do it yourself, I’m not your slave.” Karen snapped back.
“God, you don’t have to be a bitch about it. I wish girls were more agreeable like they used to be, back in the day.” Steven said
“Oh yeah?” Karen said as she began waving her hands in strange arcs. Karen was a witch, but of course Steven didn’t know that. Karen thought that she would give Steven what he wanted. Read more