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Time and Space for the Human Race

Trevor invented a time traveling device, and wanted to see the future more than the past. It was incorporated into a pink bracelet, to honor his lost girlfriend, as it was her bracelet before she died. She had wanted to see the future with him, but now he was alone, and was not overly fond of the present he lived in. Global warming, war, terrorism, hunger, homelessness, poverty and despair were some of the many things plaguing his century. He traveled into the future in her honor, wearing her pink bracelet on his right wrist. Read more

Genie Series #58. @bdanks

“Shapeshifters are so much fun” Genie said after reading Brian’s wish. “Hello genie, my name is Brian. My wish is to be able to shapeshift into a different female persona whenever I feel like it. Thank you so much”. Genie liked to grant wishes in a different way everytime, and she had something special planned for Brian too. “Wish granted” Genie said and faded away. Read more

1982 All Over Again

When Brad said he missed the ’80s and wished he could relive them differently this time, his friend Tom said he had just the solution. He said he had a way to go back in time, and start fresh as well. Brad didn’t believe this nonsense, but Tom insisted, so Brad indulged him. Read more

Insuring Your Existence

To insure Ted’s existence in the future, his lab partner had to send him back in time to insure his own birth. When Ted arrived in 1974 in his mom’s body no less, he was in shock. He had to get pregnant with himself however, so he made love to her boyfriend in her body, and knew when to push him off the bed and duck, when the perpetrators arrived to prevent his conception. The plan worked, and Ted got the better of them, trained to be strong even in his mom’s body. Read more

Stuck in the past. End part 2 of 2

The big gala at the company ended and all the workers headed their way. “Aren’t you going for the after party, Laura?”. “Nah, It’s been a rough week and i just want to spend some time at home” Laura said and took her purse. She went outside and found a cab to drive home.
On her way Laura was staring through the window, thinking about the events. Exactly at this day Laura found the time machine. It was back when she was still a boy named Martin. Laura still remembered the fear she felt after being transported back in time into a body of a girl. With no friends to support she was forced to keep going on her own. She made some mistakes, one of them was probably being Chad’s girlfriend but back then she didn’t have any idea how to live as a girl. Eventually everything slowly was getting better. Laura accepted the fact that she won’t be able to go back to her times. She stopped thinking of herself as Martin. After finishing high school she met Mark. Laura felt nice around him and Mark seemed to like her. Soon they became a couple and their love grew to the point when they got married. Soon after marriage Laura was expectig her first child. Read more

Stuck in the past. End part 1 of 2

“Huh? I’m alive” Scott thought staring at the ceeling. He remembered vanishing then darkness and now he is laying somewhere, but where? Scott thought that maybe the whole time travel was a dream and now he woke up in his room but the ceeling was somehow diffirent. Scott rised his hands and looked at them. They were real, he didn’t vanish. One thing was confusing about his hands. Why his nails were painted light blue? Scott rose a bit leaning on his arms when something fell on his face. Scott cleared his view and noticed it was hair. Long blonde hair. “Wait a minute” Scott said immidiately noticing his voice was girly. He quickly got up on his feet. Looking down he saw he was wearing a pink camisole on thin straps. He peeked under it and saw a pair of small perky breasts. Looking down further he saw a pair of pink panties. When he reached his hand he found out that he is no longer a boy. Terrified Scott took a small mirror and saw his reflection. He really was a girl, a cute teenage girl. “What is going on here?” Scott was confused. Read more


I never thought it possible, but for the last week I’ve been living as a buxom redhead bombshell named Susan, all because of a pair of spiteful secretaries. Read more

Secretaries 2

For the rest of the day Martin and I got our, ugh, BOSSES drinks and took their calls as we learned about our new lives. I was Susan Reynolds, a 33 year old bachelorette with a mother in Connecticut and an apartment in Manhattan. Martin was Mary Hitchens with almost the same situation as I. Read more

Time Travel Flaws

“I have just invented time travel. Day: March 20th, 1972 Time: 4:25pm Eastern Standard Time Place: My lab. Today you, whoever ends up watching this, will witness time travel. When I press this button, I shall be sent into the future, in this exact geographical location, and the camera will be here to see it. Here I go!” Read more

50’s housewife

Ever since I was a teenager I had been dismayed by modern society, for some reason I never could understand I seemed the think the 50’s had been the best time to live. Life had been simpler, people kinder. Jeez was I ignorant, I guess that’s what you get when your idea of history comes from poorly written movies. The way I found this out was that I’m now living in the 50’s. Read more