Safe guarding

I knew my roommate James was stealing money from me. I didn’t know how he was doing so. I even had a safe, but he found a way to open it. So, I decided to put a curse on my safe, “if some one other than me opens the safe, he will be transformed into a woman”.

I went to work. When I came back, I had proof, I found my former roommate sitting on a couch, completely naked, fingering her new pussy. She kept moaning and saying “oh my god”. I walked up to her, “hey, I guess you were trying to…” I didn’t even get to finish that sentence, she just ripped my pants off and started giving me a blowjob. “I am so hot” she said “I need you inside me”. Of course we had sex. That day, she started to go by the name Amy. We became a couple.

I can happily say that she hasn’t stolen any money from me anymore. Well, she doesn’t have to, as long as she continues to be great in bed and faithfull, I’ll buy her anything she wants.


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