You Were Warned

Tammy told her older brother Charlie that if he walked in on her in the bathroom again, he would pay. She put a spell on the bathroom just in that case. When Charlie entered, he was stunned, as instantly he was turned female! He even got a view of himself as a mirror was right across from the entrance!

His look on his face says it all, as he was stunned at the results of not listening to his sister. She said it serves him right, he’s not sensitive to women’s needs, and now he could be one to learn to be. Charlie’s face began to look angry, but then she told him it was permanent too, and then his face turned to the stunned look again!

Tugging at his hair, grabbing his new boobs, and feeling his new crotch, as well as pulling on the new tight tank top, made him realize even more the reality of his new female body! The permanent reality set in as the new Carly screamed in the mirror.

HER sister laughed, and said she was told many times, and shouldn’t have been such mean brother growing up, thinking men were superior. She told Carly that she was now in their ranks, on the female side, and to get used to it.

The first words out of Carly’s new mouth were, “How did you do this? Oh my voice is changed too. These are so heavy! You said permanent, I have to carry these the rest of my life? My thing is gone! What did you do? Oh my…,” said Carly.

Tammy giggled, wiped herself off, and said the bathroom was all Carly’s now. She even said she left the toilet seat down, something Charlie never did, so that the new Carly could go the way she always would now, sitting.


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