Ryan’s diary pt 4 -Rabbit’s Foot Keychain

Wendy watched as Rianne finished masturbating as she watched her own film debut and tried to process her new situation… Wendy couldn’t wait to watch that little slutty tramp try and deal with the changes Wendy had come up with. This was going to be great!

Just as the filming finally finished. J.P. had finally cum, pulling out of her sopping wet, sore and thoroughly fucked cunt, and then throwing her onto her back so he could cover her tits with cum while she moaned and writhed and her pussy came all over his big, strong middle and forefinger that he’d stuck into her spasming pussy. As she lied there regaining her breath, suddenly he realized… he realized he could think like himself again! Not just partially, but TOTALLY!

“Fucking disgusting!” The nude, sweat soaked girl suddenly screeched as J.P. had rolled towards her and grabbed her ass.

Ryan was, for the first time since Wendy made him a woman, in total control of his own thoughts and actions! He realized he was even thinking as a man again.. trapped in a female body, but not forced to think like one!

J.P. had screeched and rolled off the bed when, after trying to roll in and kiss Ryan, suddenly was kicked in the balls as hard as he’d ever been in his entire life!

“You fucking pathetic hippie moron! Uggh! I can’t believe… I fucking fucked you!” Ryan screamed before throwing everything in the room that wasn’t bolted down at the confused and exhausted teenager.

An hour later, Ryan had split J.P.s lip, made it very clear they were through, then, after showering for a full hour, put his hair up in an old baseball hat, put on loose sweat pants, a tight, firmly supporting sports bra (it felt amazing to have all that weight finally supported!) and a big, oversized hoody. It felt great to have no make up on, to be able to move and think…

“Fucking god damn cunt!” Ryan screamed, furious at Wendy. This was his chance, his chance to get his real life back. Or so he thought…

He was searching her room for the rabbit’s foot, hoping she was out doing whatever it was she did all the time and had left it at home, as he’d seen but been unable to do anything about before, when suddenly he jumped, and even in the sports bra, stumbled as the huge FF cup tits bouned and shook.

“Well it looks like you finally did it! You passed my test!” Wendy laughed “Honestly I can’t believe you’re even standing after that world class fucking your boyfriend gave you today you little tramp!”

“He’s not my fucking boyfriend… you… you bitch! I’m not a fucking slutty chick, I’m a man! Fuck you! Give me that fucking thing…” Rianne had screamed, charging Wendy and the Rabbit’s foot casually hanging from a chain on her wrist.

Ryan soon learned his mental freedom came at a price. His big, blue eyes had lit up when she said she would give him his body and his life back… until he heard what she said he had to do.

Wendy had given Ryan his freewill back… but said he still needed to learn a lot about both men and women and relationships and love. That’s why, if Ryan wanted his dick and old life back, Wendy said that he had to have a guy take him to the prom, become his girlfriend and get him to say he loves him.

Ryan wished he would have reacted better, but after so many torturous days without freewill and forced to be a sex toy for every guy in school, he just couldn’t handle it. Wendy frowned after the name calling and demands and threats and telling her that he will never act like a dumb fucking chick again…

Rianne’s diary contd –

So, yeah, I have to fill out my diary again, just like before, I have no control over it. Wendy said so I don’t forget how easy she could have me back to a bimbo brained barbie babe again. I also can’t say my real name or think or refer to myself as a man…

On top of that, I have to pass all my classes, still go to fucking cheerleading… and, if I wan’t my dick, my body, my life back, somehow, I have to get a fucking boyfriend, get him to take me to prom… and tell me that he loves me!

God, if only I wouldn’t have dumped fucking J.P. last night… now who the fuck is going to take the school slut to prom… how am I even going to show my face on Monday after that bastard posted my porno debut on all the message boards at school! Now, I can think like me again, but Wendy’s making me ACT like a fucking chick… and stuck me with the reputation of the horniest, sluttiest skank in the entire high school!

Well… at least I can think like me again! Before she left, Wendy commanded me to watch the fucking video J.P. spread to everyone in school… and as disgusted as I was…

Wendy closed her phone who was enjoying dinner with her good friend Molly. Wendy sat and smiled as the tall, dark skinned girl with short black hair, and attractive latino features looked around the loud, crowded sports bar with amusement. Molly was 19 years old and had helped Wendy with several art classes last year, until she had graduated and moved closer into the city. Now she went to the local college and worked at a coffee shop on weekends. Wendy was glad to see Molly, since she hadn’t gotten to spend much time with her since she graduated.

“I usually don’t like places like this… but I have to admit, the new employee is making this the best dinner out I’ve had in as long as I can remember. No wonder Doug said this was his favorite restaurant!” Molly said, covering her giggle as she sipped her beer and glanced around the large, brightly lit sports bar. Wendy just smiled and watched as Molly’s boss, Doug, desperatly tried to carry a tray of beers across the crowded floor and remember which table was supposed to be waited on next, terrified at not completing the job Wendy had assigned him a few hours ago.

Doug was a 28 year old, overweight jerk of a boss who constantly harassed Molly and several other female workers about dates, and made rude, creepy, racist and sexual remarks to his staff, under the guise of jokes. Wendy had heard Molly complain in the past about having to put up with his constant remarks about asians and mexicans and try to ignore his constant sexual advances…

Last week, Molly had been in tears when he’d said several homophobic and racist remarks when he found out Molly and Trinna, another girl at the coffee shop, were dating each other, and even said he was thinking of firing them and replacing them with “normal chicks” that weren’t spending all there tie “lezzing each other off like sluts”.

“I normally would never come into “Babes Brews and Balls” either…” Wendy said “but, it somehow seems a lot less sexist than normal to me today.” Both girls clanked glasses and laughed as they watched Doug try to ignore the leering stares and comments from the table of drunk football fans as she took their orders. A man walking by reached out and slapped Doug’s ass making him squeel and jump dropping the menus and pad and pen he’d been holding in front of his body to try and prevent the constant stares from every man in the place.

Wendy, after finding out about Molly’s problem when she stopped by her work earlier, made a wish that Molly wouldn’t freak over the Rabbit’s foot (she’d decided to do that when she let friends in on her new power just to make sure they had as much fun with it as she did), and then,after showing her what it could do, went to work on teaching Doug a lesson.

Doug had been a bitter, miserable looking very overweight racist, sexist jerk until a few hours ago… Wendy had redistributed his weight, not removing much, but making it much more pleasant to look at, as well as a new perspective on his objectionable views.

“Please… I… slow please, English new to me hard to write and read if go fast!” The incredibly thick and curvy woman said to table. Her dark ebony skin stood out in an exotic contrast to sexy, green incredibly tight, low cut one piece short shorts and tank top that her gigantic, jiggling, incredibly sexual body was barely squeezed into. She stood and smiled and tried to take the orders while the drunk patrons, many of whom were normally his drinking buddies that he’d watch the game and leer at the waitresses with… but now, after Wendy transformed him into a thick and stacked dark skinned african american woman with huge hips, a gigantic ass and enormous tits, and, told him his only way to get his dick back was to work night shifts at the sports bar up the street, the onefamous for it’s waitresses in their tiny outfits, all weekend and make at least 400$ in tips.

On top of that, Doug found that he now spoke with a very thick, stereotypical cartoonish Asian accent, much like the one he would do whenever he saw any attractive, remotely Asian women. His mind still heard and thought the same, but whatever he said would be translated into broken, pigeon english and spoken in a tiny, little, shy girls voice… and, a few minutes ago, Wendy got bored for a minute and decided she should also say some things that might help her reach that tip goal….

“Ok, so I get you five beer, three jerk chicken sandwich.Then, if you hard later, I come back for more jerk chicken, give you all happy endings?” She said, causing the guys to all hoot and holler, as she awkwardly giggled and cursed those witches that did this too him once again, feeling the disgusting drilling gazes from all the men as they stared at Doug’s gigantic, oversized shelf of a bubble butt as she awkwardly tottered to the kitchen, overhearing two guys at the bar saying how they’d like to see her twerking her caboose on their lap as she walked by. She tried to tell them to fuck off, but instead, she smiled and leaned over… and suddenly felt her huge, gigantic ass begin to convulse and jiggle as the two men’s eyes went wide with lust at the sight of her incredibly big butt twerking just inches from their laps. She turned and ran, but her huge tits bounced up and made her slip and knock over a big paper towel holder.

This couldn’t be real! Transformed…into a black chick with gigantic fat ass and tits, a Chinese accent that changes everything he tries to say into stupid broken english and… and keeps saying and acting… weird!

After an hour or so Wendy and Molly were getting ready to leave. Doug saw, and, after apologizing for knocking a guys jacket and phone off his table with her huge tits, ran/waddled to the two girls as fast as she could.

“Where you go? No leaving until you get me dick! Guys staring at big boobs and ass, but I’m a sexy woman who wants her cock!” Doug angrily said realizing Wendy and Molly were leaving, and actually intending to leave her like this all weekend. Her voice raised, but only sounded sillier and she soon was stamping her foot in rage, causing her huge ass to shake and then trying to cover her mouth when she became furious her demands to be changed back into a man were twisted into loud requests for male genitals.

Wendy gripped the rabbit’s foot and wished…

Doug suddenly found himself in the women’s room, and unable to stop from putting make up heavily onto his sexy, female face. He wanted to go find those fucking witches, but was afraid if he stopped working he might be like this for ever.

Soon, thanks to Wendy’s parting wish, Doug would found himself getting turned on. The later it got, the hornier he got, his nipples, hardening, a wet, desire growing between his legs… until finally she learned to her horror that her new female body has it’s own cravings. Cravings Doug, after a few more of the beers she’d been sneaking to calm her nerves, found growing more intense. She tried to sneak into the womens room to splash cold water on herself, but found her hands exploring her bizarre, alien body, soon working between her legs, until she was covered in sweat and realized she was moaning… but couldn’t get relief.

That’s when Doug realized she needed help. She had to get out of her and home fast! Her buddy Steven, a local IT guy was in the bar when she finally got off work, and, desperate for a ride home and avoiding the bus ride that was her only option, she tried to ask, somehow forgetting he would not realize who she really was! Fuck, this body was making her crazy…

An hour later Wendy watched as Doug found her arousal made her dirty talk worse and also made her find it harder and harder to say “no” to anything a man asks.

Horrified, she soon found herself having several more drinks with Steve, who she realized was actually a lot better looking a guy than she’d ever noticed… and soon, after Steve asked if she’d come sit with him, and then asked for a kiss.. Doug found herself in a dark booth, his hands groping her huge tits and thighs while they kissed. When Steve got up to go to the bathroom, she suddenly was able to collect herself. She realized suddenly that she’d been asking Steve for a ride to his house, instead of home. Those witches had done something to her mind… she couldn’t keep her thoughts straight!

She tried to make a run for it, for a cab or a bus or anything, bolting out the front door but her tiny outfit and huge ass and tits bouncing made such a commotion that everyone saw her leave, and twenty feet out the front door she suddenly heard Steve yell for her to stop. She tried to keep running… but her body was so horny, and saying no was so hard…

Wendy figured tomorrow, after Doug wakes up next to whatever lucky former drinking buddy of his he goes home with and screws all night, then tries to find Molly and her to beg to be turned back, she’d tell Doug that he ruined his chance to get turned back by letting a guy fuck her. It wasn’t true, but since she never intended to turn Doug back, it would be funnier for him to think it was his own fault. She had some good ideas for her new waitress.. and besides she’d already made Molly and her girlfriend the owners of the coffee shop, and decided to leave Doug in his new form, and make him unable to say no to anything the man she ends up with tonight, who will be her boyfriend from now on, tells or asks her to do. That would be entertaining to watch when she was bored of her other playthings!

Unfortunately for her half sister, she was far from bored of favorite person to punish, Rianne. She had plenty more left for Ryan. She wasn’t going to let him off after all those years of being a total woman using, sociopath egomania this easy… plus, her slutty 16 year old half sister was one of her favorite play things, and she couldn’t wait to see how she dealt with her male mind being in control, but forced to still play the part of a 16 year old girl… plus, soon Rianne would find out that while she’d given his male sex drive and libido back, she’d left the body with the quadrupled female sex drive… that should make Rianne finding a new boyfriend and a date to the prom really fun to watch!


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