My new life

“You are such a slut Ashley” my wife said. Disgusted by the way I dressed and acted. I didn’t care though, she didn’t have anyone to blame but herself. We were, at least I had thought, a happy couple in their 40’s. We never had children though, and I guess that was a sore point for her.

It was something we would fight about, so we avoided talking about children whenever possible. One day as I was laying in bed relaxing though she came in wearing her very best lingerie and holding two glasses of wine. “What’s the occasion?” I asked.

“Nothing, just thought I would surprise you. She straddled me, tipping the wine to my lips. It tasted a little funny but when your wife is sitting on you wearing lingerie and giving you wine, you don’t concentrate on the finer points of wine tasting. Things escalated quickly from there, with her tending to my every desire, I must have cum 4 times that night. As we lay there exhausted, I turned to her again and asked, “what was the occasion for this?” As soon as the words left my mouth though I felt an overwhelming desire to fall asleep and before I did I heard her say, “I thought I would make your last time memorable.”

When I woke up I was very groggy, which I assumed was from the wine from the night before. However when I sat up there were two very large mounds of flesh on my chest which didn’t belong there, and I felt much lighter than I should. Jumping to my feet I ran to the bathroom.

“Holy fuck! I’m a teenage girl! How did this happen?” I said to no one in particular.

My wife was in the doorway though. “Well good morning Ashley, how do you like your new look?”

“What the fuck did you do to me? I shrieked.

She calmly said, “I’ve wanted kids for years, but you were never interested, so that wine you drank last night, it had a sex change potion in there to change you into my teenage daughter.

I was furious to say the least, and I let her know in no uncertain terms, but secretly I was thrilled. She had given me back a good 20 years of youth, and while I had never had any particular desire to be a girl, I couldn’t deny the idea intrigued me.

Sure enough being a teenage girl has been amazing. Sure I have to put up with high school again and periods and stuff like that, but being young again is amazing. Which brings us to why my wife calls me a slut. The sex is amazing. She should have known putting a male mind in a hot young female body would have resulted in this. I can and do have sex with pretty much anyone I want. The water delivery guy for example, just a sexy look and an unzipped shirt is enough to get me laid. Yeah, life in this body is pretty good.


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