Ryan’s diary pt 3 -Rabbit’s Foot Keychain

Wendy sat in her bedroom, relaxing after a long day of overseeing her subjects. She had just turned on her TV, which allowed her to spy on anyone she liked, and of course, she started with her favorite victim, Rianne, her half sister bimbo slut who had once been her step sisters asshole, bully of a boyfriend, but now was just a horny, airheaded blonde with tits bigger than her head, and Rianne was learning to regret treating women like pieces of meat, his sexist, chauvinistic ways and how he treated and thought of women were now his own nightmare prison. Rianne’s body was not only a super sexed up ridiculous wet dream fantasy but she also had to dress and act exactly as Ryan used to think a woman that looked like she did would. Wendy had added lot’s of fun extra wishes and orders and punishments, but she loved that basically, from her tiny, stripper outfits to her gigantic, basketball sized tits, from her super charged sex drive to her ditzy voice and the way Rianne’s thoughts were all transformed to fit his bimbo body, the former man’s views of women were what he now was. It was so perfect!

Wendy laughed as she watched Rianne write in her diary, wearing just a hot pink baby doll shirt and some skin tight pink yoga pants that made her huge, round bubble butt look even bigger than normal… and made the slightest movement obvious to Rianne’s secret watcher and tormentor, who laughed out loud as Rianne began to rise and lower her ass, her breathing becoming louder, and her writing slowing as she fell forward, the pillows she used to awkwardly prop herself up on her elbows to write on her bed falling over and causing her to have to spend several minutes trying to readjust herself so she could lay again without her huge, EE cup tits being in the way of her arms or hands, but also in no danger of making Rianne lose her balance and fall on them or accidently being squished, which seemed to happen constantly to the over endowed teen, and, due to how incredibly sensitive they were, always made her squeel like a toddler, or, made her huge nipples instantly erect, leading to her quadruple the normal sex drive starting up again.

Every time it happened, Rianne either blushing and pouting as her weak, feminine body stung with pain and usually humiliation since usually she’d catch her huge boobs in a door, locker, window, trash can, when plenty of people were watching… or, the slutty teen suddenly being aroused once again, the former man soon forced to find a guy to get her off, or to spend the next hour pleasuring her barbie doll sex pot body, waves of female pleasure forcing the disgust the male part of her mind felt as images of the guys she’d been with, her former male friends, male movies stars, sports stars… cocks cocks cocks filled her mind until she finally made herself cum, and regained control again, making each orgasm end with pleasure and crushing humiliation.

Wendy, feeling the rush of power she loved so much watching her former enemies deal with the changes Wendy had wished upon them. She leaned back in her chair and turned the TV up, Rianne’s diary entry appearing as subtitles as soon as she writes them for Wendy to enjoy, knowing how much that asshole Ryan must hate having to remember each and every detail of the previous night… writing out each detail of how, in her ultra slutty panties and bra, she dropped to her knees and sucked J.P.s huge, ten inch cock – Wendy on a whim had made a wish after Rianne’s first week back at high school, that every guy Rianne got together with would not notice the change, but suddenly have his cock double or half in size… forcing the cock hungry slut to either deep throat and slide her always virgin tight pussy over huge foot long cocks, or desperatly try to get herself off with tiny, two inch pricks…

Rianne was now had her hand down her panties and had rolled on her side, grinding her hips into a pillow and moaning like she was putting on a sex show as she wrote about how she begged J.P. to fuck her, to stick his huge cock inside of her and fill her with cum. She wrote about how she fucked his big dick with her huge tits, and told him how much she missed his dick and how she played with her big boobs and her pussy and imagined him fucking her…

Rianne’s ass was in the air now, and her fingers were inside herself as she bucked her hips and whimpered, still writing, wanting to get the damn thing over with, knowing it would take her frustratingly long to get herself off, and also knowing that J.P. would not be coming over to satisfy her desire to be fucked… but still she couldn’t stop writing and remembering about how he’d cum all over her ass, then flipped her over, and they’d 69d for almost forty minutes.

She cried out in frustration and lust as she bucked her hips faster her now naked body jiggling wildly each time she thrusted her hips against her fingers, fucking her imaginary lover and screaming in denile as she wrote the truth she didn’t want to admit, but, since Wendy had wished that Rianne wrote in her diary every night about anything she thought a girl would write about, and always tell the truth… Rianne had just admitted that the orgasm J.P. had given her, the orgasm she’d been craving for almost ten days, the orgasm that Wendy had decided Rianne should have to wait for, making her see what it was like to have to be loyal to a man who she knew was out banging groupies and sluts in every club his band played… the orgasm that J.P. had given her first with his cock, fucking her doggystyle and slapping her ass as her tits swung back and forth like sandbags, and then with his tongue working her clit and pussy while his cock was fucking Rianne’s wet, slobbering mouth was the best of her entire life… as a man or woman!

Wendy laughed and had a great idea. She remembered two summers ago, when Ryan and two of his friends had gotten Kelly a Japanese exchange student Wendy had befriended drunk at a football game, and after the girl passed out, Ryan and his friends took photos of her in just her panties, posing her like a hustler centerfold and then sending the photos to every guy in school, making the shy, awkward girl so humiliated, knowing that her usual modest clothing she wore to hide her overdeveloped breasts no longer would keep the jokes about her breasts at bay, since every guy in school had seen them. She dropped out and returned home without finishing the year… and Wendy thought it was time Rianne learned a lesson about that specific wrong doing.

Rianne had thought she was free of her libido at last, after almost six hours of intense sex with her boyfriend (she couldn’t not think of him that way, no matter how much she fought), sucking him to two orgasms (that she greedily swallowed) and another he’d sprayed deep inside of her pussy, which drove her body so wild she could hardly even try and think if she’d taken her birth control pills or not today, he’d passed out, and she’d regained the most control she’d had in at least a week!

Disgusted, she ran to the bathroom to shower off the intense reek of sex, filling her mouth with liquid soap to try and remove the overwhelming taste of J.P.s huge, sweaty cock and all the cum she’d hungrily swallowed.

She was smiling, realizing she was thinking of J.P. as an idiot, and, as she slid into a tiny white t-shirt that said “Wet T-Shirt and Car Wash!” across it, the usual frustration she felt as she put it on not even registering as she grinned ear to ear, finally feeling the crush she had onJ J.P. fade. The shirt, once of her least favorite, but one she ended up wearing at least once a week was so small it had tiny stress holes in the material where she stretched it over her gigantic tits, and, not wearing a bra, she had to be careful to not rub it against her nipples, which were rock hard from the spray of the shower head… usually this would make her frustrated and angry, but, as she slid into her tiny black g string panties, she actually turned to the mirror and grabbed her tits to stop their jiggling without her usual frown, and instead grinned as she began to put on heavy blue eyeshadow and matching lipstick… not even the compulsion to always wear heavy, slutty make up,even before bed could bring her down right now as she thought about the best way to dump that idiot.

Wendy realized that Rianne had achieved what she’d wished almost a month ago when Rianne had been pleading to not make her go out with J.P. She’d wished that Rianne would date J.P. and be a loyal girlfriend, unable to be with anyone else no matter how horny she was until J.P. cheated on her at least five times… and, paid Rianne back for what the former asshole jock alpha male and his friends had done to poor, shy Kelly.

Now, Wendy couldn’t help but slide her hands down between her legs as she watched the naked, freakishly buxom blonde cry out in humiliation and lust as she found herself with an overpowering urge to watch the video she’d let J.P. take last night.

On her pink, hello kitty laptop computer, she watched the video of her, just last night, when suddenly, asleep only seconds earlier, J.P. had appeared in the bathroom behind Rianne, grabbing her in his big, strong arms and kissing her neck this way he does that makes it impossible for her to think straight, her tiny, sexy girl body melting into his arms as he turned her around and started to fim her with his phone, saying how amazing her body was and how he just had to have a video of it….

Rianne tried to knock it out of his hand, her free will and plan to break up with the loser stoned moron she’d been forced to play girlfriend too the last month suddenly lost in the rush of female arousal coursing through her tired, sore, severely hard fucked body. Rianne found that though she knew what a scum bag like J.P. would do with that video, instead of telling him to get lost, she found herself doing exactly what he asked, every command she followed in front of his camera making waves of pleasure flow through her.

Soon, she was performing an incredibly sexy, wet t-shirt strip tease for his camera, deep inside knowing that his promise to never show anyone was bullshit, but unable to stop as she pulled the t-shirt up and slowly slid her hands free, showing her wet, gravity defying double E cup titties to J.P.’s camera, her body suddenly wild with lust.

“Oh J.P… I shouldn’t be showing my big, soft, titties and my hard nipples to you and your camera… but it’s making me soooo horny!” The image of Rianne on the computer screen said as she danced slowly in the shower, spraying her pulled up wet t-shirt with water.t

As her orgasm started to build she watched the impossibly sexy blonde with tits bigger than any she’d ever seen (every time those huge torpedo tits made her lose her balance or knocked over a glass or made another guy drool and leer at her while Wendy’s curse forced her to shake them and flaunt them and talk like a bimbo about her big bouncy boobies, she remembered how Wendy had told her, those last few minutes before taking away her identity and her manhood, to tell her the girl with the biggest breasts he’d been with, and if any of his buddies had dated any bustier chicks than that. He’d tried to fight, staring in shock at his tiny, freakish feminine body, Wendy, now towering over his foot and a half shorter form, as she asked again, and he started answering, his male anger turning to feminine tears filling his big, blue eyes as he said how the girl he’d dated behind Kristie’s back, Jenny Farmsten, a cheerleader from the high school across town had huge tits, D cups, he knew because he’d taken her bra to show his buddies… even though he knew Zak, one of his best friends, was always bragging about how his girlfriend, a redhead cheerleader named Jessica, had double Ds… and he believed him since he’d fucked her when Zak was gone on a family trip last christmas break… he tried bite his tongue, but still he went on, admitting to how he just had to bang Zak’s girlfriend because he was sick of him bragging about how great her tits were… just like he’d also fucked Patricia, one of his girlfriends cousins that lived out in the sticks when she was visiting… she wasn’t up to his usual level of hotness, but her tits were so huge he just had to fuck her. Wendy had frowned and asked if he felt guilty cheating on Katie all those times (Wendy’s step sister), or fucking his friends girlfriends. He wished he could have acted ashamed, maybe Wendy would have gone easy on him… but he just answered “no” in a high pitched little girl voice.

Already, Wendy had slowly tortured him changing his prom king, starting basketball star, alpha male body that he’d used to bully and womanize his way through high shool, the memory still so fresh Rianna would wake drenched in sweat from nightmares re living it. It still seemed impossible, with each of her wishes, taking his strength, his height, his looks… how it had seemed it had to be a dream or a drug induced hallucination as his form warped and shrunk and twisted to follow everything she said, changing him step by step into a petite feminine lady-boy form, with long hair and a pretty face androgynys face, his balls reverted back to pre puberty size and shape, his penis, that he’d always loved to reveal to all the girls he seduced, seeing them cringe when they saw it’s huge size and girth… seeing it dwindle as Wendy’s words had it shrink, until it was only an inch long. He was unable to scream for help or attack that fucking witch, as he pleaded for her to not leave him like this, like a faggot freak.

She made him watch in the a full length mirror as she used his own sexual fantasies to finish her evil curse. Soon, he was staring at a blonde bombshell straight out of his wet dreams… and her face looked sexy even as she pouted, as she pleaded, but the tiny little nipples and flat male chest was soon swelling, as Wendy wished, telling Ryan to picture the most sexy, perfect, fuck bunny tits he could imagine, just as big as Jenny’s… sexier and even bigger than Jessica’s… even bigger than Patricia’s….

Ryan had pleaded in the whisper voice she’d told her to speak, clutching her tiny hands to her chest trying to stop the swelling, growing, fleshy mounds… she stumbled, the huge, heavy orbs jiggling and bouncing throwing her tiny new body off balance, the swollen, round, gigantic mounds capped by a tiny male nipple, until Wendy told Ryan to picture the kind of nipples slutty bimbo would have… and seconds later dark pink aureoles the size of coffee cups capped each breast, with a swollen, erect bright pink nipple larger than her thumb sticking almost up off each one.

Her mouth fell open as she looked in the mirror and saw a bombshell blonde teenager with tits just as big as Jenny and Patricia’s, but standing up and round like gravity didn’t exist! They looked like the best tit job ever done, but, as she touched one, not believing this could be real, until she felt a shiver run through her new mound of tit flesh and both breasts shook and quaked as only real boobs could do.

Everything else that followed, the slutty clothes, her new life, Wendy making her watch as her penis and balls shrunk into a clit and a hairless, sexy pussy… Ryan remembered thinking, as she realized Wendy had somehow even made her think of herself as a girl… she couldn’t lose anymore. God, how she regrets not pleading and begging and apologizing to Wendy on the spot… instead of, the second she regained her free speech, threatening, cursing, calling her a whore and bitch and demanding her dick back…

Rianne watched the computer screen as her orgasm subsided, now a POV shot from J.P.s perspective as she rode his cock, Rianne seeing what so many guys had seen in the last month, how incredibly sexy and fucking great it must be for them to have this perfect fuck doll riding them, the angle changing (that fucking pervert had set up two cameras!) and feeling her male self stirring this stupid female body… for the first time, as Rianne watched her own body bouncing up and down on J.P.s huge cock, her round, jiggling ass quaking as she impaled herself faster and faster, her body became aroused as her male mind was turned on by the sex fantasy female form Wendy had pulled from his own mind!

The sound came on louder, and her own slutty voice filled the air, screaming like the star horny sex freak in a hardcore porno flick. The words instantly filled Rianne’s pretty blonde head with memories, the sounds of a dark skinned, black haired stripper with a tight, tall body and big fake tits last spring break that Ryan had banged in a cheap hotel room. She had been so loud and talked so dirty it had made him cum in minutes, and, now, she was realizing that she acted just like her in this video.

Rianne bounced on her boyfriend’s huge penis screaming and cussing and moaning just like that stripper had on Ryan’s cock, back when she’d been a man… even saying the same things,the filthy talk that had driven him wild, but filled that former man with shame as the video played and Rianne’s high pitched, bimbo voice with it’s thick lisp wouldn’t stop, just getting louder and louder.

“Fuck my tight, wet, sexy little sex hole, just slam my pussy… oh slam my pussy with that big hard cock! ” – Rianne watched as J.P. grabbed her tiny waist above her oversized hips and held her, pushing his entire ten inches up inside and holding her there as she tossed her head back and fondled her own breasts, her eyes closed in pure female pleasure.

“Oh god yes… please baby, fill my pussy up… fill it with your cock… and fill it with your cum… please!” The slut on the screen begged into the POV camera her big sexy lips covered in spit and sweat as she let out a series of low moans… Rianne had a clear memory how amazing her pussy felt with J.P. buried inside of it, and how his eyes shot open wider and wider as she had clenched and unclenched her impossibly well developed and dexterous vaginal muscles. As confusing as it was, she was ecstatic that her mind was imagining the incredible built to fuck body she’d seen in the mirror every day of this living hell… imagining having a cock again and fucking the living hell out of this babe!

Rianne, her fingers sliding over her clit as she watched the POV video and imagined being the man, J.P., and having that big boobed blonde teen bouncing on her cock. She frowned as she watched herself lean down towards the camera and begin to passionately kiss the camera operator for a full minute, trying to forget about all the long, slow make out sessions she’d had with that fucking disgusting hippy, and slip back into her fantasy of being a man, loving how it felt to be sexually excited by a female again… and not a fucking dude or a penis!

Rianne imagined herself as her ex boyfriend again as the video showed J.P. roughly grab her huge tits and began to maul them with his hands before roughly biting the nipples and loudly sucking on each of them. A deep blush spread across Rianne’s huge, naked breasts, each lolling a bit to the side but still impossibly pointing up as she layed on her back naked watching herself on the video as J.P. said how fucking sexy her huge tits were, which caused Rianne, still riding cowgirl POV to wiggle up and down his cock, rolling her hips with a smile that radiated pure sex as her lover slapped her huge tits and again said how huge and fucking sexy they were.

Rianne knew what was next… Wendy had punished her for plotting revenge with this little compulsion, but, her male libido was able to let her ignore the always humiliating talk and touching of her tits she couldn’t stop herself from whenever a someone talked about them or she caught a cute guy staring… instead, she again imagined her as her old self, a strong man with a big cock fucking a little horny slut with big tits.

“Yeah? You like my big, huge double F cup titties?” Rianne said as she ran her hands over them, then, lifted her right breast and ran her tongue over the nipple, flicking the barbell piercing out and across the erect nub before raising the heavy breast and sucking hard and long at her own nipple. On the bed, Rianne layed nude, rubbing her clit and imagining stroking her own cock, and, suddenly found herself having a powerful orgasm after less than a minute of touching herself.

Wendy watched as Rianne finished masturbating as she watched her own film debut and tried to process her new situation… Wendy couldn’t wait to watch that little slutty tramp try and deal with the changes Wendy had come up with. This was going to be great!


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