This is your son

Henry was a good scientist but in order to keep up his project he had to take a big loan from his coworker, Mark. Time passed and Henry couldn’t pay back the money he borrowed. Mark offered a compromise. Henry will not have to pay him money but instead he would let him run a few experiments on his son. Henry didn’t even consider it. There was no way he will let someone experiment on his only son. Kevin, his son however insited on his father to let him. If this can free his father from debt he is willing to become a test subject. Reluctantly Henry agreed.

Days passed and Henry didn’t have any contact with Kevin. After two weeks he got worried and decided to pay his friend a visit. “Where is my son” Henry shouted. “He’s here, althought he changed a little bit, you may not recognize him” Mark smiled. “What have you done to him” Henry wanted to shread him into pieces. “Just a few experiments, just like we agreed. Come, you may see… HER” Henry looked confused “What do you mean by HER?” Henry asked but instead of answering Mark decided to show him what he meant. “Here, your son Kevin” Mark showed him the results of his experiment. “What are you up to? That’s not my son” Henry said seeing the girl before him. “It is indeed, although she prefers when you call her Katie” Mark said. “I don’t belive you” Henry denied that this could be his son. “Katie. Your dad is here” Mark called the girl. She turned towards them and smiled “Hi daddy. Look how pretty i am.” She said Cheerfully. “Kevin? is that really you” Henry said astounded. “Yes it’s me daddy. But my name is Katie now” She said. Henry turned to Mark “You’re going to pay for this” He said clenching his fists. “No daddy, it’s fine. I really like the way i am now” Katie calmed her father. “See, nobody got hurt and your debt is paid” Mark smiled. “Come on Kev… I mean Katie. We’re going home. You won’t have to see this place anymore” Henry grabbed her hand. “Well, she will visit alot” Mark smirked.”What?” Henry looked at him. “She became quite close with my son” Mark said. “Oh, yes. I forgot to tell you but me and Steven are dating. He’s really sweet i hope you will meet him soon” Katie smiled. “Isn’t that wonderfull Henry? Our kids are getting along so well. Who knows, maybe we should prepare for their wedding soon” Mark laughed but Henry didn’t say anything. It was enough for one day.


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