Ryan’s diary pt 2 -Rabbit’s Foot Keychain

Rianne’s Diary, Age 16, May 15th

I can’t believe this… as if it the last month and a half haven’t bad enough being the biggest slut in school and having to be constantly drooled over and hit on and flirted with by every horny high school idiot that sees me… but now, like, for some reason I let J.P. take a video of me teasing him and stripping and putting on a super sexy wet t-shirt show for him… inside I knew what he was going to do with it! I thought he really liked me…

Godammit. I need to concentrate when I’m writing these stupid diary entries that I’m forced to do, or I start acting like an airheaded teenage bimbo. As each week passes, I’m having a harder time telling where my actual mind stops and this bimbo slut I’ve become starts… but I’m not a dumb, slutty teenage nympho… I’m a girl! I mean, now, like I’m a chick, but like I’m…. oh diary, I’m so confused!

It was just last night! I was showering off the disgusting smell and feel and taste of sweat and sex that was covering my ridiculous sex doll body… after I get off, and my ridiculously high sex drive is sated, the curse Wendy put on me with that rabbit’s foot keychain eases off of me, and, slowly I’ve learned that if I concentrate and don’t try and do anything that’s too out of character I can actually speak, think and act under my own control… my actual mind, the 19 (my birthday would have been last week!) year old MAN I really am! I locked the door, sure that J.P. was asleep in my bed after what we’d just done, the overpowering urges Wendy forced me to have, making me… oh god, I can remember it all so clearly even now!

J.P., this fucking total jerk off dirt head hippy who I used to push around and once even threw his stupid guitar into a dumpster when he wouldn’t get lost when me and my buddies had taken our girlfriends to the lake to swim… well… for some reason, I can’t keep away from him now! He’s so annoying and stoned and yammers on and on about his stupid band and his crappy music, but his eyes and his hair and his smile make me just lose it and… I can’t stop myself. Every other stupid fucking idiotic cute, sexy dude I’ve messed around with since Wendy made me into Rianne (my name’s still pronounced Ryan, but Wendy changed the spelling just to torment me) I was able to get over after a few times being with them… but I think Wendy knew how much J.P. was disgusting me, I was begging her to please let me turn him down, to not make me go out with him…

That was almost a month ago, and now, he’s my fucking… boyfriend. I couldn’t resist… I played the part of his loyal, stupid, sexed up girlfriend, sucking and fucking him every day, making him dinner, doing his laundry… buying his stupid, lame stories when he clearly was cheating on me, knowing what was happening in my mind but playing the part of a ditzy clueless girlfriend as I hungrily blew him, even one night when I could… ugh… taste some slut’s cherry lip balm all over his dick!

I couldn’t stop, no matter how much we fucked, I was so crushed out on him… a fucking guy, that I would do anything he wanted. The worst part was how he would ask me to do these humiliating “wet t-shirt contests” for him, where he would make me pretend he wa s a judge, and, after having me strip and soak my self with a hose, the shower head, whatever was handy, he’d make me play out the part of a slut sucking his dick to win “best wet boobies” or “biggest, bounciest fun bags”, making me thank him when he’d finally cum all over my huge, wet, stupid, ridiculous, man magnet mega melons.

Yeah, for weeks, I couldn’t do anything at school, after school, the weekends, except whatever he wanted… even when he wasn’t around to fuck me, I’d… oh god… why am I writing this? I’d play with my wet, tight pussy and imagine him kissing my neck and slapping my ass and fucking me… I started to wonder if I’d ever be able to Well, that is until he left on tour with his band ten days ago. It was torture, I couldn’t cheat on J.P. no matter how horny I got, and instead was stuck constantly horny, having to spend almost all my time getting myself off, which. thanks to Wendy, takes me at least an hour of masturbating before I can cum. It was pure torture!

J.P. got back yesterday, and I didn’t even try and resist. I met him at my front door wearing black crotchless panties and a push up bra so ridiculous that my cleavage was just inches from my chin, causing my tits to bounce into my own face if I walked too fast… usually I’d fight wearing something THAT ridiculous, but J.P. had texted me to wear the sexiest, sluttiest panties and bra I could find, and I couldn’t stop myself from doing just that.

Writing this down is even more humiliating than remembering it, but as Wendy wished, I have to tell my diary everything… and the truth, even though I can’t believe it… but J.P. looked so sexy, I couldn’t help myself. I wanted to try and play it cool, hope that maybe my stupid girly crush was maybe over… but I was so horny, so turned on, instead I just pounced on him kissing him and licking him and frantically pulling his pants down.

“Holy shit babe! Damn, you look hot as fuck but gimme a second…” He said, laughing as I pulled his pants down, my pussy aching with need.

“Shut up and fuck me fast and hard.” I said as I whipped off my shirt, knowing the effect my ridiculous boobs have on men, and, as always, less than a minute after my shirt was off, his dick was as hard as iron and my lips were wrapped around it while I jacked the shaft off with both of my soft, tiny girlish hands, before pushing him back onto the bed and preparing to climb on top of him and ride his cock until I finally got off!

Wendy sat in her bedroom, relaxing after a long day of overseeing her subjects. She had just turned on her TV, which allowed her to spy on anyone she liked, and of course, she started with her favorite victim, Rianne, her half sister bimbo slut who had once been her step sisters asshole, bully of a boyfriend, but now was just a horny, airheaded blonde with tits bigger than her head, and Rianne was learning to regret treating women like pieces of meat, his sexist, chauvinistic ways and how he treated and thought of women were now his own nightmare prison. Rianne’s body was not only a super sexed up ridiculous wet dream fantasy but she also had to dress and act exactly as Ryan used to think a woman that looked like she did would. Wendy had added lot’s of fun extra wishes and orders and punishments, but she loved that basically, from her tiny, stripper outfits to her gigantic, basketball sized tits, from her super charged sex drive to her ditzy voice and the way Rianne’s thoughts were all transformed to fit his bimbo body, the former man’s views of women were what he now was. It was so perfect…


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