The App

Check it out. How fucking hot are we? Our long hair and round asses. Wow. I have to be absolutely honest and say this is the best thing ever. I can’t believe I ever lived happily as a man.

My friend Eddie (blonde on left) found this crazy app. He only found it by accident yet it had supreme powers. It could change people’s gender, not only the users but whoever the user chose.

When Eddie came to me late on a Friday afternoon and showed me the app I was amazed. As a test we decided we would change the gender of the cat. Kyle the male cat was soon female and the pussy had a pussy. Both Eddie and I found the pun amusing. Funnily enough the cat didn’t seem to find being female but we still changed it back to a male when Eddie left. The next morning I had to ring up Eddie, the cat had gone crazy, I assumed it wanted to be female again and I was right. With Eddies app, the cat got her vagina back and was quite pleased.

Eddie did I had seen that the app could easily reverse a transformation with no visible side effects. We’d also discovered that the cat preferred feminity. So then we raised a thought, why don’t we give it a try? So together we became women. Eddie became Emily (blonde) and I (Joe) became Jessie (brunette).

It was quite the experience to an extent it is like we were another species. Everything was so delicate and the world seemed larger. Soft fleshy mounds adorned our chests, our butts were like meaty pillows and there was nothing but fresh air between our smooth hairless thighs. Our clothes had also transformed and our closet was stacked full of women’s clothing.

Something about our new forms felt so good and we made a pact that we would both try to adjust and be proper girls. With the assistance of each other and YouTube tutorials we learnt make up and how to do hair. We also painted our nails and shaved our legs so we could celebrate our womanhood. We learnt to have female mannerisms such as crossings our legs and walking in heels. It feels so good to cross my legs. My two womanly thighs just clasp each other across my pretty pink pussy. Even remembering to sit to pee was tricky but something about it felt so special.

Emily and I were closer then we ever were as men. We even moved in together. We had no doubt that we wanted to remain women for the rest of our days. With the app we feel like we owe a debt to society. Half of the world are living as men and they could be living a much greater life. They are missing out on so much. So we will change them, with the app we will change them as it is for the betterment of them and society.


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