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Not Lonely

Being on your own at the holidays sucked, especially when your family, like Zane’s, at best could be described as…..absentee. His parents were in Europe half the year or so it seemed, and even when they were home, they were never around. The home staff were strictly professional and half of them were from the Philippines or Eastern Europe and barely spoke English. His parents insisted on home schooling him, considering public education to be a joke, which only added to the isolation. Yeah, it’d be fair to say he was lonely. Read more

Ladies in Waiting

Jake and Clayton had never been big fans of the idea of actually having to work for a living. Yes, they were aware that millions upon millions of other people successfully pulled off the 9-5 grind week in and week out, but, well……they just weren’t interested. It wouldn’t be quite fair to say they were lazy—-when something actually interested them, they were willing to put quite a lot of work into it—-and that’s how they found the fountain. Read more