rabbit’s foot keychain – these boobs are all mine

When I found that old rabbit’s foot keychain and realized it actually granted wishes, I thought I’d found the perfect way to get revenge on my step sister Erynn, for always causing me so much trouble, her and her senior snob cheerleader friends always making fun of me and my friends at school, getting her jock boyfriend Chad to pick on me…. it was going to be my turn to the most popular person in school, I always have dates, I’d be getting fucked all the time, while she became the geek, the social outcast. I had the perfect idea too.

I clutched the rabbit’s foot and began to read my wishes, looking out the upstairs window at Erynn in her little bikini, her amazing body and big tits driving me crazy like they always did, which was even more frustrating hating her so much. Her best friend Chelsea, another cheerleader, was lounging in a beach chair, her long legs crossed and her long, red heair pulled around her shoulders and her high, firm tits, looking amazing in her bikini. She was almost as bad as Erynn so I’d have to teach her next. I began to read my curses for Erynn, smiling thinking about how her life would be once I finished with her.

“Erynn, I wish your sex drive was five times as high, and your body was five times as erotically sensitive and five times as orgasmic.” I watched her walking, and saw her shudder a tiny bit, stopping mid step. She stood looking dazed for a second, and I grinned, imagining her libido suddenly ramping up 5 times. I began to unzip my pants… and continued reading.

“Erynn, I wish your sex urges will grow and grow the longer you go without an orgasm, and after 24 hours you will be unable to do or think about anything but sex, basically reduced to a animal in heat. Also, while your body is highly orgasmic, you can no longer achieve and orgasm unless you have gotten a man to achieve orgasm in the last 2 minutes. Also the only way to slow the hunger for sex, which you can make go at a slower rate, making it 72 hours without sex before you will be out of control, is by dressing as slutty as possible, super skimpy bimbo outfits, stripper heels, tons of make up, slutty hair, the trashier you look, the lower your sex drive will be….”
I laughed out loud, and watched Chelsea sunbathing, her tight body forcing me to begin stroking my dick as I watched and dealt out curses to my step sister.

Again, she stopped and sort of shook all over, as my second curse took hold.

“Erynn, I wish that those big, amazing boobs of yours would no longer help you constantly get your way and help you move forward. From now on, anytime you think of arching your back, leaning over, unbuttoning a button to make men do your bidding, you’ll find something strange happening… in fact, from now on, anytime your mind focus’s on your breasts, a person brings them up in anyway, or you notice them getting attention from another person, you will grab them with your hands, and squeeze them, molest them, pinch them, bounce them, and generally treat them like men want to, while you suddenly find yourself talking about them to anyone around, especially men, discussing how they feel, or their size, or what men like to do with them, and you will use as filthy language as possible.”

Those knockers would now be a constant distraction instead of a weapon, as she always fears them coming up in any situation and suddenly feeling herself up and talking about how it feels.
I rubbed my dick up and down as I watched her sit down as if she was dizzy, imagining my curses re-writing her brain, forcing that evil bitch to bend to my punishments. I was almost complete. I clutched the rabbit’s foot tighter, and watched as Chelsea stood up and threw her long red hair over her shoulder, both girls turning as Erynn’s boyfriend Chad entered the backyard, wearing just a swim suit and sunglasses, flexing his muscles as the girls said hello. This was too perfect. He could get Chelsie and Chad with this one as well, and then all three of them would learn what it means to cross me.

Chelsie got up and walked over to get a drink, and my hand began to stroke my dick harder and faster, her super sexy body making me more turned on by the second. Now Erynn was wrapping her arms around Chad, and they were kissing, his hands running over her butt as she pressed her body into his. Chelsie bent over to get her phone, and the site of her ass pushed me even harder.

“I have to have her… I need her.” I said, stroking my cock as I watched her lay down. Imagining having her, fucking her. I had to use a wish to have her.

“I wish I was the person she desires the most in the world, that she has had a secret, deep, sexual crush on for years, and the second I wish to make a move she will do anything I wish.” He said, smiling.

“Yes, I wish that. I want that!” I said, stroking my dick even faster.

Suddenly I could hear a voice come from… well the rabbit’s foot itself.

“You wish to be wanted by the redhead you watch with desire, to become the one that lights her deepest and hungriest fire, you will soon be the one that she lusts but has dared not declare, but maybe you can finally grant her wish for a lesbian affair”!

“Wai….” I started to say when I heard the last sentence. I felt myself tearing, almost apart from myself, and my last thought was that I should have realized he was talking about making me the person she had a crush on… not making her have a crush on me. That and the last word I heard… “lesbian”….

I came too and felt myself being held tight, and found I couldn’t move. I then realized I was kissing someone. I opened my eyes and tried to yell, when I realized who it was. I was kissing my step sisters boyfriend, Chad! His hands were on my ass, squeezing it, and… no. Fuck.
My breasts were pressed against him. My long red hair fell around my shoulders, my nipples hardening as he squeezed my ass and stuck his tongue down my throat. I realized I could feel a warmth between my legs… where I no longer had a dick. I was a girl. That rabbits foot turned me into fucking Erynn!

I screamed fell backwords, and blacked out.

I never found the rabbits foot again. My old body and the rabbits foot are gone, and I don’t know what happened to Erynn’s actual mind either. All I know is, that thing screwed me bad. Not only am I stuck as a fucking girl, but all those damn curses he came up with for me to put on Erynn… there still on her body! With me stuck in it!

I’ve been stuck in her body for almost a month now. As if being a woman wouldn’t be bad enough, but I has constantly horny, forced to dress like a slut, and worst of all, had to actually fuck a guy every 2 or 3 days… I’d fucked Chad more times than I can count, despising myself as I gave in to Erynn’s stupid horny body and worked him like a porn star, desperate for him to cum and make me orgasm.

Chad and two of his friends walked in. One of the guys stares right at my body, clearly undressing me, and stopping at my chest… I’m sitting on the couch, wearing the skimpiest bikini I have that will hold these stupid watermelons hanging from my chest in hope I can keep from getting horny and… FUCK!

“What’s up Erynn?” Chad asked and I felt my body go into that auto pilot, because of thinking about my dumb…

“Not much fellas! Came out of my mouth.
My hands moved to huge tits, and picked them up, squishing them together and then squeezing them, as I smiled at Chad’s friend who had been staring at them.
“Just relaxing in my little tiny bikini, I think maybe you noticed it, Tank?” I asked the huge burly football player.

“Uh, yeah you like nice as always Erynn” he said.

“Oh come on, I know you can’t help but look at my big, juicy, jiggly boobies. I can’t either!” I giggled and shook them side to side, Chad laughing, as he was used to this by now, but his two friends staring with dumb grins as they watched me shake my huge tits.

“Yeah, I guess they are pretty hard to miss…” Tank laughed.

“Yup!” I picked them up squeezing them again. “There 34 DD” ugh I hated it when I told people that.

“No fake stuff here either guys” I said, raising them together, and squeezing them.

“These boobs are alllll mine.”

That was true. For the rest of my damn life.


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