rabbit’s foot keychain – changed on a whim

I thought it was a joke when that guy in the bar told me to describe my dream girl.

I’d just watched two super hot girls in tiny skirts and tops come running out of the pool room, They both had big, fake tits crammed into little tiny stripper tops, and big puffy lips with bleached blonde stripper hair, They both were barely able to walk on their giant high heels, both looked scared as hell, but they both were ridiculously hot. I commented on how good they looked.

The dude at the bar next to me said “Thanks, those were just some quickies to shut a couple of loud mouth drunks up. They were talking shit, being rude to some girls, then threatened me. Now they They just tried to run to their car and find help, but I had them get in a cab and head over to the dirty devil, I think they’ll make good lapdancers, if they can keep from getting knocked up… girls like that sometimes have a real strong urge to have guys do ’em without protection you know…”

I diddnt follow, but then he asked me to describe my dream girl. He said he could guarantee to make her appear and go home with me tonight, or he’d give me 100$. He was clearly nuts, but what the hell I figured.

I started answering questions he asked about how she would look.

Brunette, curvy, nice round ass, tattoos, piercings, soft pale skin. Dresses sort of slutty…

“That all?” he asked… “Hows she act, and dress?”

“Like I said, slutty. Tight clothes, high heels, kinda punk rock, but still girly, knows how to move her body, turn guys on.”

“Anything else? What about her tits?” He said, with a smile.

I don’t know why I said it, maybe it seemed funny, buy I blurted out “Oh yeah, and giant, all natural tits. I mean big! LIke goodyear blimp boobs, twice the size of her head, double GG cup, with huge nipples that are super sensitive. The kind that jiggle and bounce all the time, no matter what she does, and are so perfect and round that you just want to touch them and squeeze them all day.”

He pulled out a ratty old rabbit’s foot dangling from a keychain, and asked me how would I like to go home with that chick tonight and be able to make her do anything I want.

“Sure!” I said, laughing at this weird dude.

“I wish this guy could go home with the girl he just described, but she’s got a really high sex drive,and he can have total control over her, and she’d do anything he wants, because I wish that he was that girl!” He said laughing.

Suddenly the world spun, shrunk and flashed at the same time. My body felt like it was collapsing and bursting. I screamed and my voice became higher and higher.

Next thing I know, I’m looking up at the guy next to me, who I was taller than seconds before. Then I looked down, and for the first time in my life saw my boobs. My huge, natural double GG cup boobs.

I started to freak, but he used that rabbits foot and wished I’d calm down and get used to my body while he had some fun. Then, for just cuz he could it seemed, he re-arranged my entire life.

That night I was 38 years old. Now I’m 20, not even old enough to drink. Think that’s bad? My name is, for real, on my ID, DeeDee Jackittomybazooms Knockermelons. Yeah,hilarious huh? I can’t even change it, something he did. I’ve tried, I just can’t even say the words or ask to have it done. So yeah, DeeDee Knockermelons. I can’t even use a knickname or something, another one of his little things to keep me from getting around his bull shit. Having tits like this, and being calle DD? Double D? I wish these things were just double DD, but I don’t want it as my name…

He decided I work at a comic book store, and he also Said that I like to wear tight shirts and tight jeans always, and have no problem showing off my tits, that, even with the special order GG cup bras I wear, shake and jiggle like 20 pounds of jello every time I move, so a tight t-shirt? In a comic book store? Yeah, guys drool over me all day long… and I know they go home and jerk it to me every night. I try not to think about it, most of them the idea grosses me out… except certain guys. I’ll explain…

He left me with my male mind and sex drive, so I still dig chicks, but then he gave me this bodies sexdrive too, and made it super high. So, I’m turned on a lot, and, before that guy left, he leaned back over with that magic keychain, and layed two wammies on me that really make things… different.
“I got a couple fun kinks for you by the way Miss Knockermelons.” He laughed at that dumb joke, and I winced, as I could feel my brain registering that as my name, and unable to remember the name I had as a man.

“Kink number one – anytime a guy that’s, lets say, within 15 years of your age, and has a cock thats, lets say, 10 inches or more, checks out your tits, and they make him horny, you’ll get horny. Real horny. In fact, anytime guys get turned on by your big ol boobies around you, it makes you hot. You get off on showing them to fellas, using them to get their dicks hard. The idea of dudes spanking it to your whobbly whoppers gets that little pussy of yours wet and ready!”

I still coundn’t speak, but I could feel what he said enter my brain. I could suddenly imagine a man looking at these huge boobs, his dick getting hard… it was turning me on, just like he said.

“Oh, and let’s make sure you don’t end up a shut in, like some of the chicks I make. You can only give yourself one orgasm on your own every 4 days. Other than that, you have to have a guy looking at that sexy body and those big tits while you get off, or you can’t cum. They don’t have to touch you, just watch… but, I have a feeling when you see a cock that’s real big, big like those boobies are big, you’re gonna have a real urge to see what it would look like mashed between your tits. A dick big enough to handle a girl with bongos like yours? Yeah, your gonna be having a hard time not sliding down it and riding it like a cowgirl the first time you see it” He smiled, leaned over, said I could move and talk again in one minute, then leaned in and licked my ear, and whispered

“make sure you use real sexy slang like I like whenever you talk about those super size sweater puppies I gave ya too, I’d like that”
then kissed me lightly on my lips, running his tongue over my parted lips, his hand reaching up to my left nipple and pinching it, playing with the piercing, then kneading my breast, causing goose bumps to cover my torso and making my eyes flutter… then he was gone.

Yeah. That’s why I also get the fun of having doubeGG cup bazoongas, but every time I try and say brea…. brea…. breast, I have to struggle and concentrate or it comes out as bra boulders. If I try and refer to my che….ches… t… fuck! It comes out as my milkshake cannons. It’s really awkward when I buy bras or go to the doctor.

I’m making due. It’s been a year. I’m co manager at the comic book store. Business is up a bunch since I started, and, I know half the reason is nerds coming in and oggling my big bouncing boobies, it’s still an ok job. Other than that, after a lot of awkward encounters with guys, trying to get them to just watch me, but not touch, so I could get off, I finally realized that I could do a webcam show. I make a lot of extra money, and I can make myself cum as much as I want, there’s always some guy on line ready to drool over these double GG cup goodyear funbag blimps. It’s weird but it’s ok…
Then, three days ago, I met this guy at the comic shop. Tall, like 6’7. His names Walt. He’s about 22 years old. He’s nice enough, we were bullshitting, and then I caught him staring at my melon mountains.
I was so turned on I thought I was going to pass out. I didn’t know what to do. My pussy got so wet I thought I’d leave a spot on my chair. His eyes were almost glued to my tits, and it was almost like I could feel someone touching them as he undressed me mentally.
He asked me out… I couldn’t help myself. I’m a man inside but… I said yes.
We went out, had a good time, movie, food. Then at the end of the night we got some drinks. His eyes were on my tits, which I’d mashed into a little tight dress, knowing it would make them irresistible male eyes.
I thought maybe I needed him to watch me get naked… I never did that anymore, but something was driving me…. We got alone, in my place when he dropped me off… suddenly he had my brontosaurus boobies out, sucking and touching them, my brain went wild from the sensation.
Then he dropped his pants. His cock sprang out and my eyes went wide, jaw dropped. It was easily a foot long.
I couldn’t stop, it was something that guy had done to me the night he changed me, but I had to… to act like a girl. I fell to my knees and wrapped my tiny hand around the huge shaft, jerking it as best I could, then, I actual began licking it, kissing the huge head as I worked the shaft faster and faster. His hands kneaded my tits, pinched my nipples, and I jerked his cock.
Then, I did it. I leaned up, and buried the foot long dick between my double GG cup dick holders, started bouncing against him, my other left hand frigging my clit… we both moaned, he clenched, and we both came. The most amazing orgasm I’ve ever had. I leaned back, his warm cum still trickling out of his dick, so much that it was all over my gigantic boobs. I should have been disgusted, but I wasn’t…
We’re going out again tonight. I know I’m really a guy, but something about my huge tits and his huge dick…. That fucking guy with the rabbit’s foot made me to titty fuck that cock.
And I love it.


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