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Shared Family

Dave and Susan had been friends since they were children. Then, near the end of high school, Dave had moved to another town and they lost touch. Several years later, while visiting his old town, Dave called Susan. Susan was now married to Frank but was excited to see her old friend and invited Dave over. While talking over old times, Susan got a mischievous gleam in her eye. Dave, do you remember how we used to play dress up when we were children? Would you like to play the ultimate dress up game? At Dave’s nod, Susan placed an old medallion around his neck. Then taking off her blouse, she touched it to the medallion. In moments, Dave was an exact copy of Susan right down to the tattoos on their backs. The two old friends then spent the afternoon playing dress up, doing their make up and generally acting like they did as children. They were having so much fun they forgot the time. As they stood hugging each other a door opened. It was Susan’s husband Frank. They exchanged glances. Then turned and both said in identical sexy voices, “Hi Frank”. Now Frank was stunned but he wasn’t an idiot either. He definitely new a good thing when he saw it. The night that followed was one of mind blowing sex. Frank turned out to be quite the stud and was able to completely satisfy his two wives. After Frank left for work the next morning, Dave tried to change back but the medallion wouldn’t work. It was several weeks before they discovered why. It seems that Susan was on the pill. While the medallion copied Susan’s physical body, the chemical nature of the contraceptive did not transfer. Dave was pregnant! It was decided that Dave would stay until the baby was born. Frank was excited to be a father and Susan was excited at the thought of having a baby in the house. By the time Dave’s daughter was born, he had come to love the little girl, Susan and Frank and did not want to change back or break up their happy family, Besides, Susan was pregnant now and would need help. Frank was happy to have two beautiful wives. The children were happy to have two loving mothers, And the two Susans were happy to share the work, their family and their stud of a husband. They lived happily ever after. One big happy family.

Once to Often

Ever since Dave found the magic dildo, this had become a nightly ritual. Oh, Dave new the rules. Hold the magic dildo and temporarily turn into a woman. Cum using the magic dildo and become a woman forever. At first, Dave found the excitement of just being a woman enough. Then curiosity at the pleasures only a woman could have became an addiction. Oh, Dave knew the danger. This is why he only played in the tub. He would pleasure himself to the very edge of cumming then turn on the shower Counting on the shock of the cold water to drag him from the brink. But the magic was strong and seemed to resent being cheated. Now each time he changed, his body became a little more feminine, a little more busty, a little more sensitive. Soon he was needing the cold water almost as soon as he started. Dave’s frustration grew until one night he had a shattering orgasm at the dildo’s first touch. When she calmed down, Dave realized the magic dildo had vanished. She smiled to herself. Now she would experience the real thing.


My sister was making herself ready for a night on the dance floors with her girlfriends. Myself I just had got hold of something that looked like a toy gun but was in fact a Costume Gun. Hit someone with its ray and they instantly becomes a wearable suit, or so the booklet that came with it say.
I had immersed myself in my reading of all the cool stuff the costume gun made possible when my sister barged in to my room demanding me to lend her money. Startled and with the finger on the trigger I accidentaly shot her. Her body deflated in less than a second and became a pile of clothing and skin on the floor. Read more

Magic Mask

It had just laid there, the asian looking cat-mask.
Out of a whim I put it to my bearded face and then the world started to spin. The smell of incense filled my nostrils and regardless how hard I pulled the mask didn´t budge the slightest.
My body collapsed to the floor as the world grew dark. Read more

Picnic Fun With Zappie Part 4

Zapper did not feel the Medallion Zulu in Billie’s palm when she hugged him good bye as his buddies picked him up to go on a training exercise. Billie said ” I have not forgave you for the trick you played on me yesterday baby. But have fun with your buddies.”. Zapper deployed on a roof felt the familiar tingle and his fatigues became very baggie and she saw dainty hands with long nails holding her gun and said ” Billie I said work was off limit how will I explain this?”. Then Zapper thought of Billie’s last words as he left “have fun with your buddies.” OHHHHH SHIIIT” spewed Zapper in a very sexy voice.

A new position

When Rachel’s girlfriend, Natasha, came home from work she’d been reading a book, ten minutes later Rachel was ploughing Natasha after Natasha had begged Rachel to use the strap-on her. The girls panting and moaning filled the room along with the smell of perfume and sex, Rachel loved the smell of their bodies especially Natasha hair. When ever Natasha let Rachel fuck her with the strap-on, which was rare because Natasha didn’t like being penetrated too deeply, Rachel would fuck her in the missionary position so she could smell her wonderful blonde hair. Today, Natasha had told Rachel that she wanted to see her tits bouncing, so Rachel had to fuck her in a weird porn film like position which wasn’t very conformable but she was getting to use her little used strap-on so she wasn’t complaining. Read more

That necklace

The visit in the thrift shop went beyond your highest expectations. In a dusty corner you found the Necklace of Saija. Far from well known but one of your old books it was thoroughly well described.
With the proper incantations you can change a person in both body and mind, depending on how you “program” it.
Finally you had found something your wife couldn´t nag on you about how worthless it was and a waste of your money.
Then a plan began to form in your head.
You could use the necklace to improve her, your love life had grown stale anyway.
She liked jewellry, it would be enough to program the necklace and then place it in the open. It wouldn´t take long before she you put it on.
Let´s see now, top priority would be to give her a hot body. Then I should make her adore me above all else, and do everything she can to keep me happy. She need to be comfortable with the changes as well. Oh yes, add a reailty change too so no one freaks out when my wife goes from mousy to busty in just one day. Read more

Magic Camera

Helen knew Tim liked to take pictures of her from his house across the street. She was sick of it, so she cursed a new camera, and sent it to him. It came anonymously so Tim didn’t know it was her. Tim being a photography geek, used it right away to see how good it was. He found out how good it was as he fell to his new larger ass in shock at the sight of his new curvy female body! He know had something to take a picture of, himself as he was hotter than his neighbor!


“See dude? Ever since I touched that idol, not only am I a girl, but wearing clothes is uncomfortable most of the time. Hey, personal space, man! Wait, why are you—ohh…… Ok. Don’t stop now. We can finish the chat later.,”