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Jane Smith

When on vacation inexplicably I swapped body with Aunt Jane, I thought my world collapsed. I was just about to start college. Aunt Jane was also a big shock. Throughout the rest of the family’s trip to the lake, we were looking for a solution how to reverse it – without effectively. Of course no one else knew what happened. The only solution was that we had to pretend to each other for some time. Read more

The plan (My aunt Melanie. part 2)

We packed our things and decided to go home. I was a little nervous since i was supposed to be the driver. Luckily i was able to drove us back in one piece. As soon as we entered the house we started to plan our next step. We came to the conclusion that my aunt will search through the internet for a possible way of going back to our original bodies while i would do her job at the house. I wasn’t happy about it but it was the only solution we had. While doing my aunt’s job i couldn’t stop looking at my reflection each time i had the chance. It was so weird to have her body, wearing her clothes and all. When the time came i had to prepare dinner. I was a good cook so i managed to make a delicious meal for the three of us. We ate in silence and after we finished i clean the dishes. Read more

Morning (My aunt Melanie. Part 3)

When i opened my eyes in the morning i was relieved it was only a bad dream. It was a few seconds later when my mind started to awake and i recived all the alien feelings from my body. Especially the emptiness between my legs confirmed it wasn’t a dream and i was really my aunt. “Damn it” I said rubbing my eyes. Reluctantly i left the bed and went to the kitchen. My aunt was already awake and she made herself breakfast. “Hey” I said half asleep. “Morning” She said and got back to her search on my laptop. “Found anything?” I asked, hoping for some good news. She shook her head and without saying anything she got back to work. I sighed and made myself something to eat. Read more

Second chance ( My aunt Melanie. Part 8)

I was able to explain a few things with uncle James. I can’t belive it all started because of my aunt’s bitchy attitude. She tried to boss him around all the time thats why he acted so cold and ignored her. Luckily uncle James was a smart man and he admited he was also at fault. We were able to talk without yeeling at eachother. I suggested we can start from the begining. Uncle James said he needs some more time. He left soon after but i was glad that at least we could make it up. It’s a good start after all. Read more

Get yourself together. (My aunt Melanie. Part 7)

My mind was drifting away as i soaked in the hot water. It was actually the first time i could relax since i swapped bodies with aunt Melanie. Despite all the mess happening in my life it felt really nice. I looked down and saw the two breasts staring back at me. I got pretty used to this sight. I grabbed them in my hands and gave them a delicate squeez. Well it still feels awkward when i touch them.
I got up and left the bathtub. I went to the mirror and gazed at this body in it’s full glory admiring her shape and pretty face. Aunt Melanie is a stuning woman i must say. I looked down between my legs where i saw an flat space with a small tuft of pubic hair. Oh how i missed my wiener, we had so many unforgettable moments together. Suddenly i giggled that i’m thinking of my manhood as my friend, i guess you start to appreciate something the most when you lose it. Read more

Playing innocent

“What the hell is going on!” Lauren screamed as she woke up. “I have no idea” Kevin shrugged his shoulders, trying to look as innocent as he could. “I just woke up and suddenly realized i’m you” Kevin said to his aunt. “Maybe it’s a dream” He said. “Well i’m sure it’s not. Especially feeling this hard thing in my pants” Lauren winced. “Oh don’t worry. It’s completely normal” Kevin said adjusting the straps of his nightgown. “It’s not normal! I’m a woman not a teenage boy!” Lauren yelled. “Easy, i’m sure there is a way back” Kevin went closer to his aunt and give her a hug, seeing as she begin to cry. Read more

What have i done (My aunt Melanie. Part 6)

“Great job you idiot” I scolded myself for my stupidity. I should have listen to my aunt and keep quiet. Now thanks to my stubbornness i made things worse. When i confronted my uncle about his behavior evertything got out of control. I don’t even remember how it started but we ended up yelling at eachother. After that he took some of his things and left, leaving me with Timmy all alone. I don’t know if i should call my aunt. I need her advice but what will she tell when she finds out i screwed her marriage even more. Read more

Gift (My aunt Melanie. Part 10)

As i went through the door i was immidiately welcomed by Timmy, who warped himself around my legs. James picked him up already since he was getting home earlier than me. “Mommy look what i did” He showed me a picture of him, James and me, well my aunt to tell the truth but after all this time i really started to think of this body as my own. I know i shouldn’t since we will swap back someday but for now i was Melanie and i couldn’t think otherwise. I was going to her job, i was taking care of the house and even became partialy intimate with James. I’m no longer disgusted when he kisses me. Read more

Lazy husband (My aunt Melanie. Part 5)

The days blurred together as i spend the whole week living as my aunt, doing practically the same thing every day. I wake up in the morning and spen 30-40min preparing myself for work. Drive Timmy to the neighboors and get to work. Then after i’m finally back i have to do all the housework.
Luckily today i don’t have to go to work but that dosen’t mean i can laze around. There is tone of work around the house since i don’t have much time in the week. As soon as i woke up i had to dress myself. After a quick breakfast i went to the grocery store. With full and heavy bags i got home and dropped them as soon as i went through the door. I got myself something to drink and started to clean the house. Read more

Wonderful marriage (My aunt Melanie. Part 11)

The past week i had with my husband was wonderful. I enjoyed being his wife and when we had sex together it felt amazing. I realize i’m not his real wife, this life is only temporary and one day i will go back to being a teenage boy. I try not to think about it and enjoy myself until i can.
Few day’s ago i got a phone call from my aunt. She found the stone. It’s hard to say what i felt at this moment. I was glad to finally be able to get my old life back but on the other hand i think i will miss this one. Over time i got used to this body and this lifestyle. Being called Melanie, darling and mom seemed so natural right now that i will have a hard time to get used to my old life. Well we still have some time since then. We will be able to see eachother in eight months, since my older brother is getting married and i got invited. Untli then i’ll focus on what i have right now and enjoy it whille i still can. Read more