Online date (Part 1 of 2. For bellakinght)

“Can’t wait to meet you” Matt wrote in the chat window. He was dating this girl online for some time and now they will finally see eachother. Matt recently tried this site to find a nice girl, he didn’t had any luck and his reletionships ended shortly after it started. Now it looked like he will get lucky. As he closed the chat window a messege popped up on his screen. It dissapeared in a split of second and Matt couldn’t read it. “Probably a some bug” Matt shrugged and checked his email. While typing on the keyboard Matt didn’t notice his nails started to get longer.

Matt turned off the computer and went to the living room. “What a mess” He sighed, seeing clothes all over the floor. He stooped down to pick up the socks when long hair framed his view. He brushed it off his face “Where did i put it” Matt looked around. “There” he found his hair tie. He picked it up and put his hair in a pony tail then he started to clean the room. While doing his work Matt had shrinked in height from 6’1 to 5’6 feet, yet he didn’t found it odd when he had to stand on his tiptoes to reach the top shelf.

After cleaning Matt got a carving for a snack. He went to the kitchen, with each step his waist was narrowing. He opened the fridge and looked for something. “Pickles sounds good” Matt didn’t want to get stuffed before his date. I took the jar and tried to open it but no matter how hard he tried the lid didn’t move. While struggling with it Matt’s hands became slim and dainty, loosing their muscle mass and transforming into something much more feminine. Matt sighed, it looks like he needs to ask his neighboor for help. The man living next door easly opened the jar, Matt thanked him and went back to his flat, completely unaware that he could’ve done it himself just five minutes ago. Matt took the pickles and sat on the couch to watch some tv. He turned the sports chanel but quickly lost his interest. Surfing through the canals he stopped at some chick flick.

“Damn it. I forgot to buy sugar” Matt suddenly realized. He looked at the clock, he had still plenty of time before his date. Before going out he went to his room to change into something more presentable than dirty sweet pants and a crumpled t shirt. He took off his clothes, uncluding his boxers. He opened the dresser and took a pair of white knickers and a white lace bra. It didn’t even surprise him finding female underwear in his room. He put them on and looked at his reflection. His hips were already much wider, combined with his narrow waist Matt had a nice feminine figure right now. Matt then put some tight jeans and a yellow shirt. He went to get his sneakers which now changed into balerinas flats. As he slid his feet in, fitting perfectly into the tiny shoes.

After he got back Matt’s body got some more changes. His legs were hairless and very sexy and his chest started to swell, creating two a cup breasts. Matt looked at the clock again. ” Its time to get ready for the date” Matt said outloud, his voice was now a bit higher. He went to the bathroom and took a shower. As he was scrubbig his body with soap his face started to feminize, he was really looking like a girl now. When he got to wash his chest the small breasts started to grow until they stopped at a nice c-cup.
After getting out from the shower Matt decided to change his plain underwear into something sexier. He went to his room to find something nice looking. His feminization was almost complete, he even walked in a feminine matter, swaying his hips with each step. He spend some time searching for an outfit until he decided for the pink dress. As he put it on and the lower half covered his thighs the bulge in his panties dissapered.

“Where was i? oh yes, the date with Mark. Silly me” Bella giggled as the last bit of her new memories repleced the ones of being Matt. She took her purse and went out of her flat. She took a cab to get into the following adress. When she got there her jaw dropped in surprise. She stood before a mansion. She asked the drived if it’s the right adress and he was certain it is. Bella took a deep breath. She was getting nervous. She never dated someone this rich, will he like her? The only way to know it was to get there. Bella brushed her hair one last time to make sure it looks great. With small steps she went towards the gate, imagining what kind of person Mark is.


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