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My milkshake

Kyle had ordered a new milkshake off the internet, guaranteed to “give you your fantasy body in 40 days.” It seemed too good to be true but he figured what the hell, and hit the order button. To his surprise it came the next day, and when he opened it he was disappointed to see that they were all strawberry flavored. Read more

Mom’s Underwear

My parents were away for the weekend, and the only thing they had asked me to do before they left was fold the laundry when it was done. So when the dryer stopped I went downstairs to open it up, and found…
Mom’s underwear! “Great,” I thought. “Just what I wanted to do, fold Mom’s underwear…” I grumbled as I started folding the clothes. After the fifth or sixth pair I started to realize how soft they were. Much softer than my boxers, and I’m sure they were much more comfortable. I got to a noticeably modest looking pair and shrugged, why not? I took off my pants and slipped off my boxers before sliding the panties up onto my body.
I was right! They were so much softer than my own underwear! They were clearly too big for me, but the elastic still held them around my body well enough. I put my pants back on, and continued folding.
I left the panties on throughout the rest of the day, as they were much more comfortable. When it came time to go to bed, I still kept them on, but put on the rest of my own pajamas, and laid down in my bed to go to sleep. Read more

Where I Got Them Part 2

After only two days in my new body I had already grown sick of it. All the novelty of now having a male body had worn off, and I was ready to try the stone again.
I took it in my hand, and breathed deeply. I was sure it would work, but what if this wish just made everything worse. Though how could that be possible.
“Just please, don’t make…it… any bigger?” I said stupidly to the stone, before saying my wish:
“I wish to have my body back: the one I had before-” I was cut off as pain shot through my whole body. I felt like I was being compressed all over. I let out a yell as it felt like I had just been kicked roughly in the balls. At least, I assumed that’s what it felt like. I pulled off my pants and boxers, and watched as my…man parts shrunk into my body, smaller and smaller, until there was just a smooth surface left. That smoothness quickly faded however, as my slit grew back. The pain was almost unbearable however: it felt as though my groin was being torn in two, and I guess in a way it kind of was. But it was back.
I didn’t have time to think about that though, as I felt a sharp pinching at my waist. I was slimming back down, my curves slowly returning to my body. I looked quickly in the mirror, and noticed the tingling on my face was my features smoothing out again, and my hair was going blonde and growing longer again. My skin burned as it softened, but the sensation quickly faded, leaving me almost entirely female again.
Lastly was what had started all this: my breasts. I moved to remove my t-shirt, but I wasn’t fast enough. My chest burned and itched as I felt massive amounts of pressure building up behind my flat pecs. I watched as my tight shirt slowly started to balloon forward, my tits returning to my chest. The pain was building with every cup size, my shirt squeezing them against my body, until…
RRIIIIPP! My shirt tore right down the middle, and my large breasts burst forth, my nipples growing darker and perkier as the transformation finished itself off. I was a woman again, I thought as I gripped my breasts, just to make sure they were real, and just to touch them as well. I still had some parts of my formerly male mind. After confirming I was indeed back to normal, I threw the stone out my bedroom window and onto my yard, where a large bird scooped it up and carried it off.
“Good riddance,” I said, glad to be rid of the thing.
I looked into my floor-length mirror and stared at my renewed body. I spun, moving my hand up my thigh and taking a good look at my ass. I started to feel kind of warm, and I felt a moistness between my legs. Maybe I had kept more than some parts.
I had wished to have my old body back, but my mind remained that of my male self. My male self that loved big boobs, and couldn’t resist staring at a sexy body like mine. I reached down and started pleasuring myself, hoping to alleviate my horniness, but seeing myself like that only made it worse. Seeing my tits wobble as a moved my hand up and down, in and out, just made me wetter. Slowly I managed to peel my eyes away from my body, and stood up. Even just feeling the movement of my boobs on my chest made me feel slightly turned on.
I was going to regret throwing that stone away.

Online date (Part 2 of 2. For bellakinght)

The door opened as soon as Bella knocked. A very good looking man answered. He certainly was taking good care of his body and his looks. He was already dressed in a suit and awaited her. “You must be Bella” He smiled. Bella gazed at him for a moment, she couldn’t belive how handsome he was. “Yes, yes. I’m Bella, you must be Mark” Bella was embarassed she didn’t make a good first impression. “Shall we?” Mark offered his hand. Read more

Online date (Part 1 of 2. For bellakinght)

“Can’t wait to meet you” Matt wrote in the chat window. He was dating this girl online for some time and now they will finally see eachother. Matt recently tried this site to find a nice girl, he didn’t had any luck and his reletionships ended shortly after it started. Now it looked like he will get lucky. As he closed the chat window a messege popped up on his screen. It dissapeared in a split of second and Matt couldn’t read it. “Probably a some bug” Matt shrugged and checked his email. While typing on the keyboard Matt didn’t notice his nails started to get longer. Read more

Need to act quickly

Nick’s friends were very worried when he caugh the feminine virus. They’ve seen other boys at school infected with it and what it did to them. How they were starting to act girly and how their body was changing until they were no longer boys. Something has to be done. They didn’t want this to happen to their friend.
There was a way to stop the virus, but only a few people had succed. Somehow large dozens of masculinity were able to stop the feminization, you just need to stay manly and believe in yourself.
It was easier to say. Nick’s friends tried everything to make him feel like a man again but nothing seemed to work. He wasn’t even interested in their activities, instead he preferred to practice make up and chating with his new female friends. Nick’s feminization was progressing fast and soon there were first changes to his body. His friends were losing hope that they will ever see the old Nick again. They tried one last time and called for help Nick’s older brother Paul. Paul was a marine, and a tough one. If anyone could make Nick a man again it must be him. Paul agreed to help and took Nick to his house for a week. Read more