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The fog in my mind

I was happily lapping away at some cuties pussy when it started, it was like a fog began to lift from my brain. It was subtle at first, and I didn’t really know what was going on, so I continued to lick her pretty little pussy until she came for me. After I got done with her the fog lifted a bit more, and things started to feel out of place. My tight, fit, and busty body felt just a little alien to me, and the idea of servicing girl after girl seemed weird as well. I couldn’t put my finger on it though so I followed my best friend Stephanie’s advice, “when things are unclear, hold on to what you do know.”
Stephanie was such a great BFF, we had loads of fun having great lesbian sex with each other as well as teaming up to seduce other girls. Though we had an open relationship where we could sleep with as many other girls as we wanted, we came home to each other. So I followed her advice, and started going down on the blonde in my bed again, putting my expert tongue to use. Read more

Mixed Drink

I swirled the girly drink in my glass. It smelled like strawberries, and so did I. It wasn’t exactly what I had envisioned for myself but my good friend Geoff needed a hot date for the night. Read more

Sisters distractions

Aaron had extremely important exams coming up and was spending the weeks leading up to them studying hard. However today he was much more distracted than usual. You see Aaron had the ability to possess anothers body simply by the thought of it. He’d refrained from using his special ability over the past three weeks in order to revise. But today his sister was sat opposite him while he was studying. Aaron was already exceptionally horny but the fact that her huge breasts were displayed so nicely in the tight low cut top that she wore made it impossible to resist. Aaron let out an annoyed groan as he knew what he was about today do. Then suddenly he was sat at the opposite side of the table staring at a phone screen. He quickly put the phone down proceeding to pull his sisters huge tits out of their confines propping them up on the table in front of him. Leaning down he began to suck her nipples at the same time chewing on the pliant flesh. His hand crept down to his sisters vagina as he began pumping his fingers in and out. Soon he was in an all out masturbation session. Five minutes passed and suddenly he shuddered, his sisters body tensing up as her neck arched backwards and her huge chest pushed out. A minute later and Aaron lay basking in the afterglow of his orgasm. “Oh that was well worth it” He said as he sat up tucking his sisters huge breasts back into her top. “But now back to studying” He said as suddenly he re-materialized behind his sister who slumped down onto the table. Aaron quickly sat back down as his sister began to stir. She yawned as she sat up then unconsciously pushing her boobs back into a comfortable position. Aaron stared at her boobs thinking about what he’d just done to them. His sister noticed “Stop staring at my tits you pervert. Just because you can’t get any action for yourself doesn’t mean I’ll give you it” She said condescendingly. Aaron just smiled and laughed to himself mischievously.

Online date (Part 2 of 2. For bellakinght)

The door opened as soon as Bella knocked. A very good looking man answered. He certainly was taking good care of his body and his looks. He was already dressed in a suit and awaited her. “You must be Bella” He smiled. Bella gazed at him for a moment, she couldn’t belive how handsome he was. “Yes, yes. I’m Bella, you must be Mark” Bella was embarassed she didn’t make a good first impression. “Shall we?” Mark offered his hand. Read more

Online date (Part 1 of 2. For bellakinght)

“Can’t wait to meet you” Matt wrote in the chat window. He was dating this girl online for some time and now they will finally see eachother. Matt recently tried this site to find a nice girl, he didn’t had any luck and his reletionships ended shortly after it started. Now it looked like he will get lucky. As he closed the chat window a messege popped up on his screen. It dissapeared in a split of second and Matt couldn’t read it. “Probably a some bug” Matt shrugged and checked his email. While typing on the keyboard Matt didn’t notice his nails started to get longer. Read more

Ted’s new look

This is Ted, and before you ask no that is not short for Theodora or Theresa or anything like that. Ted is a perfectly ordinary heterosexual male or at least he was until I started my little experiment. Read more