Olivia, the Lost


“Hey doll face, what brings you to these parts?”

I was stranded, and worst of all — I was trapped in a female bodysuit that I couldn’t take off without my special tools.

Me and some friends decided to have some fun at Burning Man this year, and with the new bodysuit technology I figured I would give it a go. I went as a woman, testing the new features out. It was supposed to be temporary, at least until I got back home to California.

Unfortunately, I got lost driving home in the desert. My car ran out of gas, my cellphone was out of juice, and I ended up having to walk for miles. I came across this house at the edge of civilization, where I met Bill.

“You lost or something, babe?” He said to me.

Playing along, I knew it was fruitless to try and convince him I was really a guy. It probably wouldn’t help me get home any faster. “Uh, yeah, my car ran out of gas back in the desert. You are the first house I found. Could you help me?”

He looked me over, and clearly liked what he saw. I blushed, realizing that maybe my shorts were hiked up a little high. My friends at the Burn all knew I was a guy so I hardly needed to pretend. But with this guy…

“Sure, girl, come on in.” He smiled and held the door open for me. “I’ll get you some water.”

Nervous, I went inside. His place was simple, but it was clear he lived alone. I found a chair and sat down. I was exhausted.

“What’s your name?” He asked me.

“Uh, Olivia.” I took his glass of water and chugged it down. I always liked that name, so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to use it here.

“Nice to meet you, Olivia, I’m Bill.” He said, drinking his own water. “You believe in magic?”

I almost laughed, what a weirdo. “No, not really. Besides, I really should get h–”

“Nonsense, I can do a nice magic trick for you. Wait right here.” He put his glass down and ran upstairs. Suddenly, this started to seem like a bad idea. I quickly looked around, and didn’t see any phones here.

He came down the stairs with a book and a candle. “I’ve always wanted to try this, but no woman has ever come by before. I think it only works on girls. Would you like to change anything about your body?” He was brimming with excitement, looking at me expectantly.

“Uh… no… I think my body is fine.” I looked at my body, wishing I could just remove this suit.

He came over to me and looked at my body more closely. Like he was inspecting me, looking for things to improve. “Oh, no, darlin’. You’ve got this scar on the back of your neck. I can fix that!”

The scar. That’s the hidden zipper I need to access. Shit. “Oh no it’s fine, really, Bill. You don’t need to do anything about that.”

“It won’t be no trouble, Olivia. Here…” He opened his book and started reading from it. He lit the candle and dimmed the lights in the room. I started to get really nervous…

Suddenly, the room went dark and I felt a little nauseous. I could feel my skin (the bodysuit’s skin?) tingling all over. I tried to help to make it stop but I couldn’t. I couldn’t see it happen myself, but the part on the back of my neck felt like it was getting stitched up, then smoothed over.

When it was over, I quickly moved my hand to the back of my neck. The scar was gone. The zipper was… gone!?

“How… what did you…” I stammered. I couldn’t believe it. I could only stare at him in disbelief…

“There, you look prettier than ever now Olivia! See, I told you magic was real. What should I change next?” He smiled at me, then started looking through his book again.

“Nothing, please! Can you reverse it? I really needed that!” I was on the verge of tears. I wasn’t sure I could ever go back to being a guy again.

He looked up at me, confused. “I can’t reverse it, no. But look at some of the other cool things we can do!” He started reading from the book again, and the strange nausea returned.

This time, I could feel it in my chest. I could feel my breasts getting a little bigger than the A cup I was satisfied with. Now they definitely filled out the little bra I was wearing. He’s going to ruin me for sure!

What do I do now!?


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