The Great Shift Upon Release

As Ward released his seed into his girlfriend Alicia, the Great Shift hit, and the seed he just released from his former penis, went into his new vagina! He experienced sending and receiving all in one session, and a male and female orgasm as well! He had to admit the female one was much better! The both went into a bit of panic, and turned on the TV, seeing the Great Shift being announced for the city. The news reporter woman was apparently swapped, as she kept staring down at her boobs and even hefted them up once on camera!

Eventually reality set in, and they both went for their old clothes, realizing they would have to wear each other’s clothes now to suit their new bodies. Alicia seen the dull and dreary jeans and t-shirt, white socks, boxers, and running shoes she would have to wear. Ward on the other hand, seen the “fashionista” style clothing of his girlfriend he would now have to wear as his girlfriend. A black and white stripped tight fitting skirt, a bell sleeved white blouse which revealed a bit of cleavage, a matching set of satin black panties and bra, black shimmery pantyhose, ankle boots with 4 3/4 heels, a black pearl necklace with a heart locket at the bottom, long dangly golden earrings, several bracelets for each wrist, and four rings, two on each hand. It took Ward a long time to get dressed in what would be his new body for the rest of his life. At parting the two agreed to keep dating, but went their separate ways for now to adjust to their new bodies and lives.

Alicia would later find that apparently Ward adjusted to quickly as she stopped by to check on him, not sure how he was dealing with being a woman now. She was shocked, he was with three buddies from their card games, one in his butt, one in his pussy, and one in his mouth! Ward’s new eyes lit up as he batted his long fake lashes at Alicia, stunned to see her walk in on his group sex session! It was a deal breaker, and the guys all got limp and backed away, as Alicia prepared to scold her former body with Ward in it!

She yelled at him and yelled, and even threw a vase at him! She broke up with him that night, and stormed out. After that the new Alicia told the guys to come back out and finish what they started! Ward now Alicia loved the female orgasm so much, she became an addict to the sex as a woman, and this was one of the results! The new Alicia was a slut, and the new Ward was way more of a nice guy now.


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