TG Flu – Noah part 3 (Finale)

Norah learned while at college that she was nowhere close to done growing. She had thought that she was gonna stay her leggy, slim, 5’11” self. Little did she know that was not the case. The strange thing about the TG Flu is that if you contract it when you are young and before you enter puberty, there’s a strong possibility that you will go through two puberties. The first is you becoming the opposite sex and then the other hits right after you turn 18.

After Norah went to the University of California – Los Angeles, her freshman year was a never ending struggle to find clothes that would fit. Although she didn’t grow much taller (only two more inches to put her at a statuesque 6’1″), she certainly grew chestier. Her breasts seemingly exploded off of her chest, going from a perky C cup to a full, firm G cup. One night she jumped from a D cup to an E! Her hips widened slightly more giving her a perfect hourglass shape and a body to die for. Her face wasn’t being left behind as her entire face seemed to become even more beautiful and sexy at the same time.

Now 24 and living in Los Angeles as a professional model, Norah can honestly say that getting the TG Flu was the best thing to ever happen to her. She smiled to herself as she wondered what these past 10 years would have been like had she not gotten a touch of the flu.


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