My secret life. Part 10

After returning from the supermarket i made myself something to eat and turned on the tv. There was nothing interesting so i got bored very quickly and turned it off. I hopped into my car and drove far away from the town. When i reached a peacefull place i stopped and got out of the car. I wandered for some time through the country side to calm myself from what was happening lately. I loved those walks especially in my girl form. I stopped to enjoy the view and got so lost in my thoughts i didn’t even hear someone walk behind me.

“Tiffany? I didin’t expect to meet you here” Someone said. I squealed like a little girl, starled by the sudden aproach. “Oh sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you” I turned around and saw the guy i met at the park. “Owen? What are you doing here?” I asked. “Just looking for some inspiration” He said and stood next to me. “Inspiration?” I rised my eybrow. “I like to paint. I often come to places like this” He explained. “That’s… interesting” I said. “I hope i won’t be a problem if i sit here?” He asked. “Of course not. If you don’t mind i will gladly see your work” I said and sat next to him.

I watched as he drawed the landscape and i was really amazed by his work. It was incredible how well it was done. “So… You draw landscapes?” I asked breaking the silence. “Mostly. Also wildlife and sometimes people” He said. “So you have models working for you?” “Rarely. I draw random people just how i remember them” He stopped ” Can i ask you something?” I was curious what he wanted to ask. “Sure” I said. “Would you like if i draw you?” He asked. Now i was really surprised. “Ummm… Well… Sure, why not” I decided it could be interesting. I took a pose and enjoyed the light wind as Owen started drawing. When he finished i looked at his work. “Wow! It’s beautiful” I said stunned by the result. “Not as beautiful as you” He said. I felt my face turning red, i couldn’t help but giggle like a girl hearing the compliment. “Here, i want you to have it” He handed me the portrait. “Really? Thank you” I said, gladly accepting his gift. “I will be going now. Thank you for modeling for me Tiffany” He packed his accessories and left. I sat there for a bit, admiring his work. I turned the portrait and saw something written on it’s back. It was a phone number with a description “Call me”.


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