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My secret life. Part 14

I woke up in the middle of the night feeling thirsty. As i got up a cold wind ran through my naked body causing me to shiver. I ignored it and went to the kitchen naked. I poured myself a glass of water and leaned against the table. I was spending the night with Owen, in his grandparent’s mansion. I loved spending time with him, especially when we cuddled in bed, but tonight i couldn’t sleep well. The fact that it will end soon was constantly bothering me. The day after tomorrow i will have to go back to work and my family is also coming back. It saddened me that i won’t be able to see Owen so often. Worse, i will have to break up with him. I can’t maintain our relationship living two lives. Sooner or later i will have to stop and it worried me. I didn’t want to stop. I didn’t want to just dissapear from Owen’s life and probably break his hearth. He is a good man and i feel awful for creating a relationship with him only to end it in two weeks. I should never have use that coin. Read more

My secret life. Part 10

After returning from the supermarket i made myself something to eat and turned on the tv. There was nothing interesting so i got bored very quickly and turned it off. I hopped into my car and drove far away from the town. When i reached a peacefull place i stopped and got out of the car. I wandered for some time through the country side to calm myself from what was happening lately. I loved those walks especially in my girl form. I stopped to enjoy the view and got so lost in my thoughts i didn’t even hear someone walk behind me. Read more

My secret life. Part 9

A cold wind ran through my skin. I covered myself and looked at the clock. “It’s time to get up” I said and sat on the bed. I straightened the hem of my nightgown and got up, letting out a huge yawn and streatching my body. “Two weeks” I smiled. I have two weeks just for myself. My wife with my kids went to her parents. I told her i have to much work and i can’t go. She didn’t even insist. Of course it was a lie. Secretly from my wife i took a two week vacation just so i could spend more time as Tiffany. Of course i will have to change back form time to time, especially when my wife calls me but if there won’t be any need i plan to spend as much time as Tiffany. Read more