Oh Yes, Right There…

My wife and I were getting ready for bed and she said ” Darling, I feel very horny tonight, but let’s try something different though…” I said ” Ok”…this was really getting me aroused. “Here” she said ” Drink this, It will get you all primed for our lovemaking.” I downed the drink. It was kinda like drinking Goldslager. It had a definite kick to it. I could feel the room spinning… My wife said ” That’s ok, it will go away soon…just close your eyes.” with that she started licking and kissing on my neck. She pulled the sleeve of my robe down. Is it getting hot in here??? I could feel myself getting excited and moaning….wait a minute…that sounded like a woman…OMG ,this feels so good…I can feel a wetness…WHAT!!! …Mmmmmm, Oh, honey, don’t stop!!!! I feel a weight on my….Mmmmm, right there…… Oh God, this feel Soooo Good!!!


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