Mutually swapped

Body swapping is a common procedure in 2020 and it made swapping between men and women possible. However, the ratio of women willing to swap bodies with a man is very low.

Body swap clinics often face a shortage of women in their catalogue for men who wants to trade their bodies with a female one. A beautiful female body is hard to come by and it’s nearly impossible to get due to high demand. The ones who are usually available are average day to day women with some flaws. Therefore, this procedure is for those who really wants to become a woman despite the problems.

Morgan is a man in his early 30’s looking to trade his male body for a female one. Despite his secret desire, he is a health freak and he kept his body in good shape. When he learned that body swapping is now possible, he immediately enlisted his name to the body swap clinic. It took a while for the clinic to respond to him due to the shortage of female bodies but he finally was notified of his match.

The candidate was a female in her late 30’s named Caroline. She has a nice set of B cup boobs and has a good medical record. Standing at 5 foot 4 inches, she’s a bit short but it is okay for females to be at this height. She has some weight to lose but Morgan believes he can work it out to make it look better. As for the main part, her pussy is very well maintained for her age. He got excited at the thought of having her vulva between his legs instead of his male junk.

All in all, this isn’t a perfect body by any means but he can live the life that he wants with it. He just wanted to be one of the girls. He was looking forward to having to wear bras, panties and dresses for life. After the swap, he’ll be a female from head to toe just like any other girls. He’ll even have to sit to pee from this point onward.

Caroline on the other hand was happy with the swap and she thought she got the better end of the bargain. Who would want to trade their male junk for a female one, she thought. “Enjoy waiting in a long line in the toilets and squatting to pee from now on, idiot ! I’ll make the most of your manhood from now on”, she muttered to herself after the swap.


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