My Bodysuit

My bodysuit finally arrived this week! I didn’t know what to expect and I kept my fingers crossed it would be somewhat close to the pictures in the advertisement. Since I live with another guy roommate I had to wait until today to try it on as I have Sunday’s off and he has to work.

I stepped into the legs first. The suit clung and stretched over my legs and I already was feeling more feminine. Next came the waist. I tucked my stuff between my legs and pulled the suit up to keep my boys in place. Once the suit was in place they stayed in place too. It was weird but the suit caused my beer belly to slim down. The next part was really tricky. The suit came with a stitched in band of fabric to hold the breast-forms. This band zips up in the back in the most difficult place to reach. Zipped up it’s too narrow to just slip over my body too as it was special made to my measurements. I tried for 15 minutes to zip it up and was about ready to give up when the thought popped into my head to twist it as far around as possible as the suit was stretchy after all. Bingo! It worked!

The next part was definitely my favorite and my heart was racing as i picked up the left breast-form. I placed it into it’s pocket and then did the same for the right one. They wanted to fall out as I had yet to put my arms into the suit so i quickly slid my arms into the suit which pulled the breasts against my chest in the exact spot where my nipples are. When I looked in the mirror I got my first view of my now female form and I LOVED it!

I still wasn’t done as I had to pull the headpiece over my head and zip the suit up. I was excited to get this done as fast as possible so I could move without worrying about the suit falling off. The headpiece slipped over no problem but once again the zipper on the suit was in the back. it starts at the small of my back and ends near the top of my head. The first foot zipped right up but once it reached the middle of my back I just couldn’t reach it. I tried twisting the suit but it didn’t seem to want to move. I struggled for 20 minutes and once again was about ready to give up when I tried twisting the suit again but with much more force. That did it! The zipper quickly went up.

Now complete I looked down and I have cleavage! The suit really does look a lot like the pictures. Now I wanted to wear it for a few hours but didn’t want to walk around the house nude so I dug out some girls clothes clothes I’ve acquired over the years. First was a thong from an ex-girlfriend. With my junk tucked nicely away and the slimming of my body the suit caused I couldn’t believe how well the thong fit. I don’t have any girl pants so I put on one of my lowest cut pair of jeans I own. I also don’t have any bras but I did have an old girls tank top left behind by some girl who came to one of our college parties. Somehow it slipped right onto my frame and fit my boobs nicely. 🙂

As I headed downstairs to watch TV I felt my boobs jiggle with each step!!! I can’t believe how real they feel! A few hours had passed and I can feel the weight on my chest as if it was real. I give my tits a squeeze and I swear I could feel it.

Laying there I just had to take my top off to look at my breasts. The suit looks like skin? I pinch my waist and it really is my skin!! OMG the breasts have merged with my body! I knew over the hours I was feeling more girly but I thought that was just because I had the suit on. I think I feel a wetness between my legs. Partially scared to find out but also partially excited I slowly pull down my pants. 😉

Everything up to the last paragraph is real. I chose this picture because it was the closest to the view I truly had today. I wish there was a way to make it real without surgery or hormone therapy.


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