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“Wh-where am I?” I moaned groggily as I woke up in a room that was not the one I fell asleep in. It was…my daughter’s room? I looked down and saw I was in more than my daughter’s room: I was in her body! And her body was wearing nothing but the pink panties she had bought when we went shopping earlier in the week. I closed my eyes quickly, not wanting to see any more of my daughter’s nude body, even though it was hard to resist looking at the perky breasts that were now attached just below my eyes. It felt great to have boobs that didn’t weigh me down. Boobs that all the boys would stare at not because they were big, but because they were sexy.
Before I knew it, my hands were on those boobs, and my eyes were wide open…

Where’s My Dick?

Oh fuck. That’s me. I have a vagina. Where’s my dick? What happened? What the fuck? I can’t live like this. Where’s my dick?

Candy 4

The next day, the man had left. “What a night that was” my friend said, “I don’t think I want to ever be a man again”. I smiled, I did enjoy my time as a woman too. But I wanted to try to be a man one last time. So I stood up, and walked towards my purse. “Last blue candy” I said; well last candy I had here, but the rest are at my place. Read more

Genie Series #33. @Ffnick61

“Not big enough” Nicole yelled while she was being fucked. She had one thing in mind, and one thing only, to find the biggest cock for her hungry pussy. It wasn’t like that not long ago. She used to be a guy named Nick, and back then she made a wish, “Hi genie, my name is Nick and I wish I had a huge cock between my legs”. Genie understood it perfectly, “Oh I know exactly what you mean” she said, “back when I was a mortal, I did enjoy a big cock between my legs too. Wish granted” she said. Read more

A Good Dream

You’re lying there in your soft warm bed.
under the blankets. sleepy.
you’re eyes are closed it’s morning but you can feel the dream calling you back to sleep. Read more

Alright Slut

Alright slut. listen here. you’re mine now. my toy to do with whatever I want. don’t you dare scroll past this caption. you belong to me. body mind and spirit. all mine. clear? Read more

Porno of your Dreams

I’ll admit I felt like a bit of a sucker, falling for that old guy’s pitch. “This is a magical porno that will change according to your personal fantasies.” I guess I was caught up in his weird magical-looking store, and how he guessed my name right when I walked in. So in the age of the internet, I did the unthinkable: I bought some porn. Read more

Gender equalities

The new subject in school was called “Gender equalities”. Everybody had to it, it was mandatory. The school director said, that this exam is important to push the gender mainstreaming. However, the questions for that test were so easy that nobody learned for that test. If you wrote something, like “Woman are equal with man” or “They can handle jobs in high positions as well” you easily passed it. For me this subject was so unnecessary that I decided to make fun of this test and wrote all the times that men’s are so much better than women, they should stay in the kitchen and so on… I thought it was fun… Read more

Bad Dream

It’s just a bad dream. I pinched myself again and again but nothing changed. I was still the woman wearing the red panties covering a flat crotch and the red heels on her girly feet. I’m not waking up and it’s worrying. I’m not a woman. I don’t know how to be a woman. I don’t want to be a woman. Wake up. I’m a man. Wake up.