Finally Perfect

“I finally did it… I’m perfect.”

My ex-girlfriend had gained a lot of weight since our break-up. She was chubby back then, but it had gotten out of hand.

We were still friends, and she often confided in me.

“I just don’t know what to do… I don’t know if I can go on like this.”

There are three things I should mention. First, I still cared for her. Second, I had always been both attracted to her old body and to the thought of having it. And three, I had been born with a special gift: once in my life, I could permanently swap bodies with one person.

“What if I told you you didn’t have to go on like this?”

I proceeded to explain my ability to her. She was justifiably skeptical.

“Listen: I like working out. I’m sure I can get your body back normal, maybe even a little better. Then, maybe we can switch back.”

I was lying, of course. The swap was one-way. But I knew this was the best thing for her. For both of us.

“Oh… Okay…”

In an instant, we had swapped. I had never felt such weight before. It was tough to move.

“Oof, I can understand why it’s hard to work out with this body,” I said, smiling at her.

“Please, if at any point you want to swap back, just let me know…”

“Of course,” I said, looking away.

*6 Month Later*

“My god, look at you!”

“I know, pretty good, right?”

I had done an amazing job with her (well… my) body. I had taken off over a hundred pounds, getting me down to a relatively healthy weight.

“I… I have to tell you,” she said from my (still very in shape) body. “You’ve seemed so… so happy in my body, even when it was overweight.”

“I am happy,” I said, quite honestly.

“And I’m… well, I’m really happy in your body. So… I was wondering…”

“Shhh…” I cooed. I grabbed her (his) hand, and took him upstairs.

*3 Month Later*

“Ready, babe?”

“Almost!” I shouted back. It takes a while to get into my pants, especially since my boyfriend likes them so tight. But that’s alright. I like’em tight, too.

I finally did it… I’m perfect.


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