Some Friend

Don’t give me that look Dave. What did you think I’d do? Did you really think , just because we’ve friends for years, I’d let you screw me? Not hardly! Most men who tried pulling just half the stunt you did, I’d change and throw them to the dogs, figuratively speaking. But not you. Because of our friendship, I take this personally. So I’m going to personally fuck this wet new pussy of yours. Don’t worry about the ropes. After this, you’ll be spreading those legs for everything with a dick all on your own. Of course, I’ve heard the first time tends to imprint new girls like you. Who knows, maybe bondage will be your thing. Well you’re good and wet now. Look at me Dave! I want you to watch and remember who’s doing this to you. The next time you try to screw a friend, you can do it properly.


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