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Candy 4

The next day, the man had left. “What a night that was” my friend said, “I don’t think I want to ever be a man again”. I smiled, I did enjoy my time as a woman too. But I wanted to try to be a man one last time. So I stood up, and walked towards my purse. “Last blue candy” I said; well last candy I had here, but the rest are at my place. Read more

Misplaced (Pranked 4)

Not too long ago I had been victim of a prank. John, my so called friend and roommate had used a magic dildo to transform me and my friend James into bimbos. We fell into his trap rather easily, after all, who wouldn’t touch the out of place dildo, even if it is to get rid of it. The good thing about it, is that John got a taste of his own medicine when he accidentally touched the dildo too. All three of us were then new sluts at school. I slept with so many guys, gave so many blowjobs that even lost count. Read more

The sales pitch (New Job 4)

The cab driver couldn’t stop looking at me, he almost crashed a couple of times. I paid him, and walked the rest of the way. People, not only men, but women were staring at me too. I got to my former employers office. Ready to comfront him. I didn’t even knock his door, I just kicked it open. I was so full of energy. “You! it is all your fault” I told him. I couldn’t believe I still sounded so girly. “Mrs. Coleman” he said. “Don’t call me that! you very well know I am not her” I yelled at him. “Please, calm yourself down, I will help you. Just close the door.” he said. I closed the door. And turn back at him, ready to hit him in the face. Read more