Medallion of Zulo – Sister

Zack dumped his bike on the driveway to Adam´s house and ran up the path leading to his door. He knocked fervently on the big wooden door until Adam opened up and dragged him in.

Zack panted heavily when he asked Adam why he had to come to his house as if his life depended on it.

Adam gave him a sheepish look.
“I kinda…
“…my sister…”
“…into a gerbil.”

“What? You lured me away from home, making me lying to my mom about a sleepover at your house just so you can pull my leg? Bad karma bro”, Zack looked pissed.

“You will have to trust me on this one. I accidentaly turned my sister into a gerbil to shut her up but I can´t turn her back before my parents comes back home. I will be in deep shit if she isn´t here when the turn up within the hour”.

“If this is true, turn into her yourself”, Zack retorted.

“Who do think will be in even bigger shit if I´m not here? Me!”
“Don´t question. Just go into her room, close the door and pick up the medallion that´s on her dress on the bed. Hold it tight until the transformation is complete, I need you to impersonate her”.

Zack was still doubtful that all of this was true, but he did as he was asked.
He entered Isabell´s room and saw a colorful dress on her bed, and on it was a small beaten medallion.
“Here goes nothing”, he thought when he picked it up.
The thing zapped him as he touched it. “Ouch!”, he cried out.

“Hold it tight, huh?”
It wasn´t noticeable at first but the room was starting to get smaller to him. Before figuring out what was happening he had grown three inches already.
He whispered to himself in amazement: “No way! I`m changing”
Other body parts began to grow as well as his body matured.

On the other side of the door Adam paced back and forth nervously. “Thirty minutes. He should be done by now”.
He heard how the door opened up behind him and turned around to see his sister enter the hallway from her room. Or to be more precise, Zack as his sister entering the hallway.
“Phew. You had me worried there for a while”, Adam sighed in relief.
“Shut it twerp”, then she realized what she had said to him. “Sorry, it just came to me”.
“Yeah, you will a lot like her, just so you know”.
“It feels freaky. I know I´m in her body but I feel just like usual, you know?”
“I´m kinda counting on it”, Adam whispered under his breath.

Adam and Isabell´s parents eventually came home. They questioned their daughter on the behaviour on her brother while they had been gone, which responded that he had stayed in line for most of the part.
Satisfied with the answer they began to make themselves ready for bed.

“Now what?”, Zack/Isabell hissed to Adam.
“We will have to wait before turning you back. You will have to sleep as her until tomorrow”, Adam hissed back.
“I`m seriously regretting this”, she said, using the kind of vocabulary that Isabell usually used.
She headed back to her room and put on her silk nightgown, enjoying the smooth feeling it had against her skin. After crawling in betwen the covers she turned off the light and went off to sleep, looking forward to the day after so she could turn back.


An awful ruckus from the hallway outside her door wake her up. “What´s that little shit doing now?”, she thought of her brother….,friend she corrected herself.
She put on a robe and opened the door to see what the commotion was all about. She saw two small boys, one was Adam and one was…herself? Her face paled as if she had seen a ghost.

Adam saw her and beckoned both her and “Zack” to come with him into her room. He had that sheepish look again.
“I betcha you wanna know why your body is here too”, he began.
“Humor me”, she said with crossed arms and a stern look on her face.
“I kinda needed a “Zack” so I took my gerbil and transformed him into you”, Adam explained.
“Wait, what? Why not using Isabell?”
“She would just mess things up”, Adam said matter of factly. “Lil´ George here is still adjusting to being human. Give him a couple of hours and he will act just like you”.

Isabell felt how anger welled up inside of her. She felt betrayed. Adam acted recklessly, just as usual.
She began to yell at him to grow up and act more mature. She was sick and tired of his antics. One more time and she would tell mom and dad.
In the mean time Adam stood there silent and brooded.

“Fine!”, he snapped back, “if you want to act like her you can stay like her!”, and ran off to his room with Isabell in pursuit.
Adam managed to lock the door before she could tear it up. She was hammering the heavy wooden contruction with her fists when she heard a flush.
“Oh no, he didn´t!”, a horrified thought came to her.

The lock to the door clicked open and an triumphant Adam exited his room.
Isabell felt how her limbs got weak in despair. She would be stuck as the sister to her former best friend.


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