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Lost on the mountain

“Will you stop staring at my ass and help me look?” said Brandon with mild annoyance as he glanced over his shoulder at his friend Rick. Read more

Medallion of Zulo – Pregnant

Henry had invited Eric to his apartment for their usual bachelor night, playing video games, watching TV and drinking beer. Both of them were single and the company felt nice. Read more

Medallion of Zulo – Sister

Zack dumped his bike on the driveway to Adam´s house and ran up the path leading to his door. He knocked fervently on the big wooden door until Adam opened up and dragged him in. Read more

Dinner date

“What?” said Brandy with annoyance. She didn’t like the strange way Mark was looking at her. Read more


He was completely entranced. The medallion overpowered him like he never had before. He had to follow its swinging, and it’s swinging, and it’s swinging…. Read more

Medallion of Zulo – What comes around

I had become quite skilled in using the Medallion of Zulo. I knew the limitation with twelve hour recharge, its proficency to disappear and that unworn clothes can change specific bodyparts.
With it I had become multiple persons in my vicinity as well total strangers I only had seen a fleeting moment in a clothes shop. Read more

Taking Advantage – Part One

“Are you sure you want to go through with this?”, Clyde asked his friend, and now girl, Liam who was standing in front of him. Hadn´t he seen it himself in person when Liam changed from his male visage to this female form with the help of an strange medallion he hadn´t believed that the woman in front of him in fact was his friend. Read more