Making fun of

Tom was having the time of his life making of Andrew. “So, who is a hot babe?” Tom asked Andrew. He had been part of a failed experiment that had temporarily turned him into a hot woman. “Come on, shake your ass babe” Tom asked Andrew, he just gave the finger to Tom. Even if Andrew hated the whole deal, no one had forced him to wear a bikini. Deep inside Andrew was actually enjoying being a woman.

After much harrasment a guy walked towards Andrew. “Is this guy bothering you?” he asked. “You have no idea” Andrew told him. “Come on with me, leave him here” the guy said. Andrew agreed. “My name is Jeremy” he said. “And…. Audrey… my name is Audrey” Andrew said. They left, it took Audrey a few days to finally give in and have sex with her new boyfriend Jeremy.

It wasn’t until months later that the lab finally came up with a solution to turn Andrew back. “No thank you” Audrey told them. “I have the perfect life, and I ain’t going to give it away”. “Oh, but I just have a favor to ask” Audrey said, “Anything” her former employers said. “Make sure Tom goes through the same process I went through. I know it will suit him well” she said and left with a big smile on her face. “Maybe in time, she can be my friend again” Audrey whispered.


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