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Making fun of

Tom was having the time of his life making of Andrew. “So, who is a hot babe?” Tom asked Andrew. He had been part of a failed experiment that had temporarily turned him into a hot woman. “Come on, shake your ass babe” Tom asked Andrew, he just gave the finger to Tom. Even if Andrew hated the whole deal, no one had forced him to wear a bikini. Deep inside Andrew was actually enjoying being a woman. Read more

Unexpected scene

After a long day of work, I finally got home. As I openned the door, I found an unexpected scene taking place right there on my living room. One girl licking another girl while fingering another one. It was a sublime scene to find, and inside my own appartment. I wondered how was this possible?, who are these girls? and what had happened to my roommates? But that’s when I saw a few cards lying on the floor. Read more

Struck by lighting.

It all started about 2 months ago. I was jogging at the park when it started rainning. I tried to run back to my car, but sadly, I was struck by lighting. It wasn’t as painfull as I would have imagined it. But it sure was scary, my clothes burned, my shoes looked like they had exploded. Anyways, I was glad I had survived. Read more


“One thing is to turn me into a woman, but if you think I am going to have sex with you, you are crazy! stop begging to have sex with me” I told my friend James. “Now, turn me back!”. He just smiled, “you look so sexy when you are angry.” That just made me even more mad. I wanted to punch his face. “Don’t worry in a few minutes you will be the one begging” he told me. Read more