The pendant

Tom had a big crush on his coworker Emily. He didn’t know what it was, maybe it was her eyes, or her perfect body, her long dark hair, or the tattoos that covered her body. He was out of town, when saw a pendant that reminded him of Emily. He thought it would be a nice gift for her, so without much hesitation he bought it.

“Here. I brought you something from my last trip” Tom said. It was really weird because it was the first time Tom had actually spoken to Emily. She thought that fact was kind of cute. “Thanks” she said and kissed him on the cheek. She openned the box, and said she loved it. “Maybe some day we should get some coffee or something” Tom said. Emily nodded, “I loved to”. She wore the pendant the rest of the day.

Later that day, Tom was at his place, when he started to feel unusually tired. He passed out on his couch. Emily was taking a bath when the pendant started glowing. “What’s going on?” she asked herself. And immidiately after she went into a state of full sleep. Tom openned his eyes, when he felt he was submerged in water. “Where am I?” he asked outloud, hearing Emily’s particular voice tone. He looked at his hand, and saw Emily’s tattoos. He touched Emily’s breasts, and quickly felt a little palpitation on his new pussy. “I am in Emily’s body” he said. He spend a couple of hours inspecting Emily’s body.

The real Emily didn’t wake up until the next morning. “Oh fuck!” she yelled with Tom’s voice. “I am a man” she said. She quickly recognized Tom’s clothes. “That little bastard swapped bodies with me” she said. She looked for Tom’s car keys, and drove to her place. “His going to pay for this” she said. It was easy to sneak in, after all it was her house, and she knew she had a spare key below the door mat. “You son of a…” she yelled as she walked towards her room. She openned her door, and saw Tom completely naked in her body. As she yelled at him, the pendant started glowing again. She wanted to yell at him. But instead something happened, they both got incredible aroussed. They started kissing, and making out. In a matter of minutes they were engaged in a 69, enjoying playing with each other’s equipment.

They never learned how to go back. And not that they wanted to. They knew they had swapped bodies, but they just didn’t care, they loved being each other. They dated for months, until they finally got engaged. If you ask me, they are the perfect couple.


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