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Making fun of

Tom was having the time of his life making of Andrew. “So, who is a hot babe?” Tom asked Andrew. He had been part of a failed experiment that had temporarily turned him into a hot woman. “Come on, shake your ass babe” Tom asked Andrew, he just gave the finger to Tom. Even if Andrew hated the whole deal, no one had forced him to wear a bikini. Deep inside Andrew was actually enjoying being a woman. Read more

Genie Series #5. @Ewaryst

Genie looked surprised when she read the next wish, “Hello genie, I’m Ewaryst and I want to become a succesfull scientist”. This were to be the first time she had transformed someone’s life into the life of a scientist. She even had to look up the word Scientist, “So he is interested in science” she whispered, “but science contradicts magic” she added. Genie then realized what she had to do, “he will be bound to science like he asked, but i’ll have to add a little magic to his life. Wish granted” Genie said and exploded into a cloud of pink smoke. Read more

Revenge of the Nerd

I will admit it I am Nerd, a science Geek. And as you would expect, all the sports ball jocks bullied me, and all the girls teased me, I had no idea what they saw in in those stupid jock boyfriends of theirs. So when I read about the gene metamorphosis serum in Nature I decided that would be the best tool for revenge, I will turn all those big strong jocks into delicate women who need help moving heavy objects. And I will turn on all the hornyness genes so they will sleep with anyone even me, then we will see who gets called a sissy. But being such a klutz just as was finished with the first sample in the school lab, I spilled it on myself, and I turned into a hot horny chick! Read more

ho… no…

John slowly looked down at his new body. He could not believe he had been so stupid. “The lab safety procedure had been in place for a reason after all. I hope this is reversable” he thought.

Please confirm your name

“Is it over already” I asked hardly breathing. “Please confirm your male name” said the robot. “It is Rob” I answered as I calmed my breathing.
“Please confirm your female name” the robot said. “I am not a female” I said. “wrong answer” said the robot. Then I felt huge pain as the bed electrefied me. “You are a female now. Please state your new name” the robot said. “How did you do that to me?” I asked. “There is no need for you to know this information right now” the robot said.
Then a mirror was lifted right in front of me. “Do you like you new self” the robot asked. I looked at myself for the first time. I was looking amazing. I had pair of perfect boobs, curly and blonde hair and such a sexy figure.
“I do look good” I said with a smile. “Are you happy about your new self?” The robot said. “I do” I said finally accepting the change. “Would you like to make other men join you?” the robot asked. “I do, every man should feel as good as I feel right now” I said.
“Please confirm your female name” the robot asked. “It is Riley” I chose my new name. The robot untied me from the bed. “come with me Riley we got a lot of work to do” he said as I followed it.