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Making fun of

Tom was having the time of his life making of Andrew. “So, who is a hot babe?” Tom asked Andrew. He had been part of a failed experiment that had temporarily turned him into a hot woman. “Come on, shake your ass babe” Tom asked Andrew, he just gave the finger to Tom. Even if Andrew hated the whole deal, no one had forced him to wear a bikini. Deep inside Andrew was actually enjoying being a woman. Read more

A shapeshifting tale

Ever since I found out shapeshifting runs in the family, I can’t get enough of it. My mother had it, my grandma had it, and now, I have the ability too. Abilities first show up around puberty. I felt awful when I got them, it was like the worst flu you could imagine. I had a fever, chills, aching body, even some gum bleeding. After the sickness part passed away, my mother explained what I had gone through. She took a couple of weeks off work to teach me how to shape shift. “It takes a lot of concentration” she said. Read more

Of all the places I could have ended up at

I was having lunch with my wife, when we felt some kind of energy pass through our bodies. In less than a second, my whole perspective had changed. I was looking through my wife’s eyes back at my former self. “Where am I? what happened?” my former body asked. Having read a lot about the great shift, I realized what had happened, so I pretended not to know what was wrong. “What do you mean honey?” I asked him. “Honey? who are you calling honey?” he asked. “I am Audrey, I am 18 years old… and… why do I sound like a man?” she asked. Read more

Book in the attic

I had recently found the book in the attic. I read the first line, and saw my pants become a short black skirt. “I can’t believe this works” I said. I read the next line, and my shirt changed into a white blouse. I continued reading, my socks disappeared, and my shoes became heels. “This is quite uncomfortable” I said. “ok ok, next line”, then earings appeared on my ears. Read more

From captured to lover

As the vapors cleared, my new body was revealed. I had breasts and a pussy to match. I wanted out, but not because I wanted to escape, but because my new body was eager to please a man. And my captor was sure looking hot. I pressed my breasts against the glass and laughed. He openned the door, releasing me, I quickly walked out and kissed him. Read more

The curse of 2nd street

“They say she just appears walking around in the middle of the street, exactly at 3 am” Tom told Andrew about the asian ghost of 2nd street. But Andrew being the skeptic he is, didn’t believe his friend. “I will prove you wrong” Andrew said. Read more

Before he runs away

After being turned into a sexy blonde, Andrew tried to run away. It was pointless, since the mind conditioning had worked wonders too. “Walk sexy” Tom instructed him. Although Andrew was still trying to get away, he changed his pace to a sexy walk. “Stop, turn around and wave hello” Tom said. Andrew had no choice, but to stop, turn around, and wave sexily. He hated the whole thing. “Don’t forget to smile” Tom told him and he smiled back at him. “Your name is, and has always been Adrianne” Tom said. Read more

A great couple

I hated Tom for transforming me. I wanted to kick him in the nuts. I sure didn’t want to be a woman. But as I was about to, he said something that changed my mind. “But you are so beautiful, and I would surely like to date a girl as cute as you” he said. I stopped what I was doing, I tilted my head, I couldn’t believe he had just said that. “Aww… He’s so cute too” I thought. I wanted to kiss him, but I refrained by biting my lips. Read more


See that snowflake on my chest? well, that is the source of my powers. It is usually not visible, but whenever I use my abilities, it glows and becomes visible for a few seconds. Read more

The amulet of habere

I had spent months looking everywhere for it. And after a long and difficult search I finally found it at a store accross the globe. The possession amulet of Habere. It’s use was simple, wear it, turn it and say outloud the name of the person you want to possess. Each turn was supposed to be equivalent to six hours. Read more